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Ann Dupont 1
Monitoring hospital-acquired infections

It is estimated that every tenth Danish patient suffers from an infection while being hospitalized and more than 3,000 patients die every year because of infections. However, so far, the actual number of infections has not been known, and therefore it has been difficult to find out where actions should

Risk Management
Klas Björnevik 0
What About Risk Control?

20 years ago, risk was controlled by small departments in the banks. As authorities felt they were held hostage by the systemic importance of banks, they introduced requirements to banks to become more solvent. In order to get the behavior of banks under control, many types of reports were also

Ann Dupont 0
Let’s use Analytics to Beat Cancer

A couple of months ago, I discovered that SAS Institute offers free software for an initiative where data are shared to accelerate cancer research. As a SAS employee, this information made me very proud. I work for a company that makes software available for an initiative, in which we all

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