Data for good takes center stage at SAS Global Forum


What is SAS Global Forum if it isn't a conference that celebrates the ways that individuals can make a difference with data and analytics? Indeed, one of my favorite tweets from last night's opening session said:

Patrick Thompson, a data scientist in the health care industry, was referring to the portion of the opening session where Brand Director Susan Ellis first introduced the crowd to a Wisconsin dairy farmer and explained how SAS analytics in the hands of a data scientist at a local dairy is helping family farms thrive.

Next, Ellis introduced us to a disaster relief organization that uses SAS to quickly and efficiently improve lifesaving measures after earthquakes, tsunamis and other cataclysmic events. I-Sah Hsieh from SAS and Brian Kelly from the International Organization on Migration (IOM) joined her on stage to tell that story - and to explain how you can help too.

Watch the video to learn more about these organizations - and to find out about a new data-for-good app that you can download to explore data and help IOM's disaster response efforts from your phone.

Need more inspiration? Read the full stories about each of these worthwhile initiatives:


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  1. Beverly Brown on

    Love this. While working the support communities booth, I heard tons of positive comments about this segment. People really connected with it. The Oberweis piece made me think about SAS' first analytics project -- analyzing data on nine dairy cows!

    • I wish I had remembered our 9 dairy cows! That would have been a brilliant connection. I'm hopeful that GatherIQ will bring more people into our communities. To register for GatherIQ, you have to set up a SAS profile. Perhaps we can reach out to those with new profiles and promote the benefit of participating in SAS Communities as well.

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