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6 examples of data management, reporting and analytics in higher education

Today in higher education, savvy users expect to have the information they need to make data-informed decisions at their fingertips. As such, leaders in institutional research (IR) are under pressure to provide these users with accurate data, reports and analyses. IR has been tasked with transforming data and reports in

Data Visualization
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Stem and Leaf plot

A Stem and Leaf plot is a visual that can help quickly visualize the distribution of the data.  This graph was particularly useful before the advent of modern statistical graphs including the Histogram and Box Plot.  One nice feature of the plot is it shows the actual values in the

Data Visualization
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Scatter with mean value

A frequently requested statistical graph is the scatter plot by with discrete categories along with mean value for each category.  Searching for a "Scatter with Mean" will return a lot of requests for such a graph in SAS, Stata, R and other statistical software. Such a graph is very easy

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Gastinterview mit adesso AG Marius Gödtel " Versicherer brauchen schnelle Reportings "

Unser Interviewpartner Marius Gödtel ist Leiter des Competence Centers Business Intelligence IT-Consulting  bei der adesso AG, einem IT-Dienstleister im BI-Umfeld. Marius Gödtel ist ehemaliger Geschäftsführer der flitcon GmbH, die seit 01. Juli 2016 Teil der adesso AG ist. Herr Gödtel, wie präsentieren Sie die adesso AG auf dem SAS Forum in

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Digital Learning per una nuova esperienza di apprendimento digitale

La digital transformation spazza come un vento tutti i settori industriali e promette di essere un motore per la competitività, la produttività e l’occupazione. Investire sul miglioramento delle competenze e il rafforzamento dei profili professionali è il punto di partenza per attuare la trasformazione di cui tanto si parla. Partendo

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Digitalisierung bei Versicherungen: Schritttempo ist auch Geschwindigkeit

Fühlen Sie sich bei Ihrer Versicherung online abgeholt? Am besten 24/7? Was andere Branchen und InsurTechs bereits vormachen, ist bei Versicherungen noch nicht gang und gäbe: die Digitalisierung des Geschäfts. Dabei liegen gerade bei Versicherern die perfekten Bedingungen dafür vor: viele Daten, viele Prozesse, viele Produkte und viele online-affine Kunden.

Data Visualization
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Category highlighting

When presenting information in form of a graph we show the data and let the reader draw the inferences.  However, often one may want to draw the attention of the reader towards some aspect of the graph or data.  For one such case, a user asked how to highlight one

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