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Image recognition: Cutting edge data science ready for business

Image recognition is a hot and hyped topic in machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technology circles. Computer vision technology is essential for realizing advancements like driverless cars, face recognition, medical outcomes predictions, and a host of other breakthrough innovations. Amidst the hype, organizations large and small are trying to understand the

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Quel che resta dell’esattezza: come sfidare l’intelligenza artificiale

“Un uomo può considerarsi veramente soddisfatto solo quando sa di aver servito appieno il suo padrone” (cit. Mr. Stevens, “Quel che resta del giorno” di Kazuo Ishiguro) Parecchi anni fa, ai tempi dei miei studi universitari, mi occupavo di teatro. Un giorno, nel ripetere un esercizio legato all’interpretazione di un

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12 machine learning articles to catch you up on the latest trend

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to iteratively learn from data and finds hidden insights in data without being explicitly programmed where to look or how to find the answer. Here at SAS, we hear questions every day about machine learning: what it is, how it compares to

Advanced Analytics | Internet of Things | Machine Learning
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“Augmented knowledge” using machine learning

The digital revolution requires an ever-increasing number of repetitive and targeted decisions. The digital revolution is faster and more comprehensive than the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the last century. It requires less capital, and focuses on intellectual and digital innovation, which is affordable to many. The innovations produced

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Ein Wahlkampf mit Trumpf – mit Textanalytics verstehen was eigentlich gemeint ist

Mal ehrlich, wenn ich Sie fragen würde, worüber die Kandidaten im diesjährigen US-Wahlkampf in ihren Aufeinandertreffen debattiert haben – welche Kernthemen würden Sie mir spontan (abseits von Skandalen und Affären) nennen? Und könnten Sie diese Kernthemen den einzelnen Kandidaten zuordnen? Als ich mir diese Frage stellte, war die Antwort –

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10 Przykazań Ekonometrii Stosowanej, czyli jak nie grzeszyć podczas pracy z realnymi danymi? – część 5

W czwartym wpisie z serii 10 przykazań Ekonometrii Stosowanej poruszyliśmy kwestie związane z zachowaniem prostoty i jasności stosowanych rozwiązań oraz weryfikacją modeli. Dziś przedstawię kolejne przykazanie, które wiąże się z wykorzystaniem technik data mining. 7. Data mining stosuj z rozwagą. Data mining jest w środowisku ekonometrycznym pojęciem kontrowersyjnym i budzącym

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Machine learning changes the way we forecast in retail and CPG

Machine learning is taking a significant role in many big data initiatives today. Large retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are using machine learning combined with predictive analytics to help them enhance consumer engagement and create more accurate demand forecasts as they expand into new sales channels like the

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Telecom Fraud: What Operators can learn from Banks

Telecom operators loose annually up to a staggering $40 billion on fraud. And with the advent of the Internet of (Insecure) Things (IoT), extending connectivity far beyond smartphones and tablets, our homes, cars, clothes and light bulbs can become little Trojan horses, vulnerable to security and fraud exploits. So how should

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Megatrends im Analytics Bereich

Die Fortschritte im Bereich Analytics sind rasant. Während vor wenigen Jahren nur wenige Experten Themen wie Machine Learning, Data Mining oder Cognitive Computing diskutierten, beschäftigen sich jetzt auch Nicht-Mathematiker und Fachbereiche mit diesen Begriffen und versuchen, diese einzuordnen. In meinen Gesprächen mit CIOs, zunehmend auch mit Chief Digital Officers, treffe

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