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Charlie Chase 0
At the end of the day, it’s all about analytics-driven forecasting

Analytics-driven forecasting means more than measuring trend and seasonality. It includes all categories of methods (e.g. exponential smoothing, dynamic regression, ARIMA, ARIMA(X), unobserved component models, and more), including artificial intelligence, but not necessarily deep learning algorithms. That said, deep learning algorithms like neural networks can also be used for demand forecasting,

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Suneel Grover 0
How does a marketer know what to test?

As customer interactions spread across multiple touch points, consumers demand seamless and relevant experiences. Traditional planning and design approaches--that rely on historical conventions, myopic single-channel perspectives and sequential act-and-learn iteration—no longer matches the complexity and pace of modern digital marketing. Marketers must  re-evaluate their strategies for engagement—especially in the area

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Joanna Gola 0
10 Commandments of Applied Econometrics or how not to sin when working with real data – Part 5

In the fourth post of the 10 Commandments of Applied Econometrics series we discussed the issues of keeping the solutions sensibly simple and applying model validation. Today, I will present another commandment related to data mining techniques. Use data mining reasonably. In the econometric community, data mining is a controversial and highly emotional

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Automatyzacja detekcji oszustw na portalach ogłoszeniowych

Lawinowy wzrost popularności handlu w internecie zmienił nawyki zakupowe bardzo wielu osób. Ogromna ilość sprzedawców oraz różnorodność oferowanych produktów i usług umożliwia zdobycie niemalże wszystkiego. Dzięki globalnemu zasięgowi jesteśmy w stanie zamówić produkt z drugiego końca świata i mieć go u siebie w przeciągu kilku dni lub tygodni. Sprzedawcy natomiast

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Thorsten Hein 0
Hand aufs Herz: Kann Ihre Risikobetrachtung mit den Marktveränderungen Schritt halten?

Ich möchte Sie etwas fragen? Sehen Sie Risikomanagement als: alleinige Aufgabe des Chief Risk Officer, als Pflichtübung, die jede Menge Papierkram – aber keine wirklichen Vorteile – bringt; oder Verantwortung von allen im Unternehmen und eine Chance, eine sichere Umgebung für heikle Geschäftsentscheidungen zu schaffen? Natürlich sind diese beiden Auffassungen

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Charlie Chase 0
Straight talk about forecasting and machine learning

Are you caught up in the machine learning forecasting frenzy? Is it reality or more hype?  There's been a lot of hype about using machine learning for forecasting. And rightfully so, given the advancements in data collection, storage, and processing along with technology improvements, such as super computers and more powerful

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Erwin Huizenga 0
Artificial intelligence in telecoms - current state of play

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the subject of considerable discussion across industry sectors around the world. Telecoms companies are showing considerable interest in the potential of AI, whether at the front end—customer service—or to improve service delivery via better network performance and reliability. There are a number of different AI technologies

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Britta Skriver 0
Re-imagine the world of work

Stephen Hawking’s latest warning is stark. Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) have already played havoc with working class jobs in factories and heavy industry. Now they are set to do the same with middle class jobs, from legal work, through financial services to computer programming. Cue economic turmoil, unemployment, and

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Is intelligent content on the web the answer to mass content blocking?

As the internet grew in popularity, the marketing industry was quick to see that it had become an important channel for reaching out to potential customers. Websites increasingly began to host ads that were often unconnected with the site content. Advertising content became more widespread and unfortunately, also often obtrusive.

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Andreas Becks 0
Stop Algorithm Porn! Warum Machine Learning alleine kein Wundermittel ist

In meinem vorherigen Beitrag  ging es darum, wie sich das Internet of Things (IoT) über den aktuellen Hype hinaus geschäftsfähig machen, also operationalisieren, lässt. Und um die Hürden, die Unternehmen in Sachen Analytics dafür überwinden müssen. Immer wieder spreche ich in diesem Zusammenhang mit Kunden über ein Thema, das nicht

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Marcie Montague 0
Impressive technology, surprising connections

Two minutes in, I knew the 2017 SAS Global Forum Technology Connection would not be typical or average. For one thing, it was SAS Chief Technology Officer Oliver Schabenberger's show, and nothing he does is ever typical or average. The first surprise of the morning was his entrance. He zoomed onto the stage on a Segway, using slight

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Andrew Pease 0
Image recognition: Cutting edge data science ready for business

Image recognition is a hot and hyped topic in machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technology circles. Computer vision technology is essential for realizing advancements like driverless cars, face recognition, medical outcomes predictions, and a host of other breakthrough innovations. Amidst the hype, organizations large and small are trying to understand the

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Quel che resta dell’esattezza: come sfidare l’intelligenza artificiale

“Un uomo può considerarsi veramente soddisfatto solo quando sa di aver servito appieno il suo padrone” (cit. Mr. Stevens, “Quel che resta del giorno” di Kazuo Ishiguro) Parecchi anni fa, ai tempi dei miei studi universitari, mi occupavo di teatro. Un giorno, nel ripetere un esercizio legato all’interpretazione di un

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