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AI in wonderland

To demonstrate the power of text mining and the insights it can uncover, I used SAS Text Mining technologies to extract the underlying key topics of the children's classic Alice in Wonderland. I want to show you what Alice in Wonderland can tell us about both human intelligence and artificial

Analytics | Data Management | Data Visualization
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6 examples of data management, reporting and analytics in higher education

Today in higher education, savvy users expect to have the information they need to make data-informed decisions at their fingertips. As such, leaders in institutional research (IR) are under pressure to provide these users with accurate data, reports and analyses. IR has been tasked with transforming data and reports in

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How are Partners influencing SAS Viya?

SAS hosted its inaugural Partner Advisory Board in April. Focused on SAS Viya, senior representatives from 13 SAS Partners offered input on the SAS Viya strategy and how Partners can better participate in the platform. SAS took a number of action items from the meeting and is working through these

Data Visualization
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Stem and Leaf plot

A Stem and Leaf plot is a visual that can help quickly visualize the distribution of the data.  This graph was particularly useful before the advent of modern statistical graphs including the Histogram and Box Plot.  One nice feature of the plot is it shows the actual values in the

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