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Move beyond spreadsheets to data mining, forecasting, optimization – and more

Advanced Analytics | Internet of Things
Katrina Wakefield 0
Are public services ready to exploit artificial intelligence?

Governments are already using data and analytics in a number of ways to help them become better informed and provide superior services for their citizens. For both central and local governments, an increasing number of back end processing and citizen engagement opportunities are emerging for smart use of artificial intelligence

Advanced Analytics | Data Management | Internet of Things
Charlie Chase 0
Omnichannel is changing the way we view demand planning

Omnichannel Analytics are helping companies uncover patterns in big data to improve the customer experience.  Using those insights, companies can anticipate what consumers are planning to purchase and influence that purchase in real time.     Companies are experiencing unprecedented complexity as they look for growth and market opportunities. Their product portfolios are

Advanced Analytics | Machine Learning
Andrew Pease 0
Image recognition: Cutting edge data science ready for business

Image recognition is a hot and hyped topic in machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technology circles. Computer vision technology is essential for realizing advancements like driverless cars, face recognition, medical outcomes predictions, and a host of other breakthrough innovations. Amidst the hype, organizations large and small are trying to understand the

Advanced Analytics | Analytics
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It’s a long, long road … von den Daten zur Entscheidung. Aber mit Analytics-as-a-Service wird die Reise einfacher

In meinem letzten Beitrag habe ich mich mit Colin Gray vom SAS Analytics-on-Demand-Team über die verschiedenen Optionen unterhalten, die Unternehmen zur Verfügung stehen, wenn sie in Analytics einsteigen – eine davon ist Analytics-as-a-Service. Neben dem technischen Aspekt gilt es, auch den strategischen und organisatorischen zu berücksichtigen. Daher soll es hier

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Data Visualization
Helge S. Rosebø 0
Lachs mit Eiscreme – und wie sieht Ihr Self-Service aus?

Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) wartet mit einer ganzen Reihe von Vorteilen auf, einer der wichtigsten ist sicherlich Agilität. Doch gerade diese Agilität kommt manchmal der Governance eines Unternehmens in die Quere. Nicht selten passiert es, dass Anwender angesichts des blinkenden schönen Self-Service-Visualisierungstools die vereinbarten Regeln außer Acht lassen. Hier die

Advanced Analytics | Internet of Things | Machine Learning
Marcel Lemahieu 0
“Augmented knowledge” using machine learning

The digital revolution requires an ever-increasing number of repetitive and targeted decisions. The digital revolution is faster and more comprehensive than the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the last century. It requires less capital, and focuses on intellectual and digital innovation, which is affordable to many. The innovations produced

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