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Innovative higher education analytics projects and influential tech leaders honored by EdScoop

Higher Education has been slow to adopt analytics in comparison to the commercial sector, but those institutions that have embraced a culture of analytics have seen significant and tangible results. Higher Education analytics can help in nearly every corner of academia including enrollment and retention, student success, academic research and

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3 ways NCDOT is transforming transportation through data and analytics

With dynamically changing revenue streams, critical infrastructure needs and current higher-than-average gas prices and inflation concerns, transportation agencies around the country are using data to enable analytically driven decisions while navigating complex business challenges. Today's transportation industry is ripe with opportunities for innovation and growth. And this is especially true

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Avançando rumo à cultura organizacional baseada em dados

A digitalização acelerada ao longo dos anos desde a Covid-19 deixou alguns legados para organizações, e a importância de construir uma cultura baseada em dados está entre eles. Afinal, dados impulsionaram a criação de novos modelos de negócio, mas também transformaram a forma pela qual empresas operam, administram seus talentos

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La analítica como solución para el fraude financiero

La analítica de datos es conocida porque permite detectar patrones y comportamientos para predecir situaciones. Gracias a ella, las instituciones tienen la capacidad de anticiparse a las necesidades de los ciudadanos y poder tomar decisiones. Otra de las aplicaciones que tiene para, por ejemplo, las marcas, es poder recomendar productos

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6 advantages of using software as a service for demand planning

Getting demand right – or getting it wrong – can have a significant impact on customer perceptions of your brand, particularly in this age of instant gratification. The need for agile, accurate demand planning has never been greater. Predicting forward-looking demand signals and shifting consumer demand patterns to recommend balanced, profitable commercial

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Find duplicates and near-duplicates in a corpus with Natural Language Processing

To find exact duplicates, matching all string pairs is the simplest approach, but it is not a very efficient or sufficient technique. Using the MD5 or SHA-1 hash algorithms can get us a correct outcome with a faster speed, yet near-duplicates would still not be on the radar. Text similarity is useful for finding files that look alike. There are various approaches to this and each of them has its own way to define documents that are considered duplicates. Furthermore, the definition of duplicate documents has implications for the type of processing and the results produced. Below are some of the options. Using SAS Visual Text Analytics, you can customize and accomplish this task during your corpus analysis journey either with Python SWAT package or with PROC SQL in SAS.

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Como analytics ajudou a aliviar a crise do COVID-19 em Jacarta

Quando a pandemia do COVID-19 atingiu a Indonésia, bloqueios e restrições de atividade fecharam grande parte do comércio, ameaçando o sustento de milhões de pessoas. Isso porque o país possui mais de 64 milhões de micro, pequenas e médias empresas (MPMEs), responsáveis por empregar 97% da força de trabalho do

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Tecnologías basadas en datos que propiciarán la reinvención de las telcos

El sector de las telecomunicaciones no solamente es protagonista de la Transformación Digital por los procesos que se adelantan dentro de sus mismas empresas para evolucionar y apoyar a sus clientes, sino precisamente por la influencia que tienen para apoyar esa transformación en compañías de otras industrias. Se trata de

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Inteligência analítica no combate à desinformação e discursos de ódio

Estudos indicam que, ao longo dos últimos anos, aumentaram os casos de propagação de discursos de ódio e de notícias falsas. Especialmente no ano de 2022 há uma preocupação muito grande quanto à utilização desses recursos ilegítimos para finalidades eleitorais. Técnicas analíticas podem ser empregadas para estimular campanhas eleitorais que

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Analyzing demographics and patterns-of-life using SAS Visual Analytics

The IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge provides a great opportunity to validate our software against real-world scenarios using complex data sets. Not only do we learn from these projects, but we also send feedback to our development teams to further improve product capabilities for customers.

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6 ways retailers can rebalance inventories as consumers shift spending

Consumers are pulling back and shifting their purchases in the wake of inflationary pressures caused by high prices for fuel, freight costs, consumer goods and nonessential products. Demand is shifting faster than many retailers and consumer goods companies anticipated. Inflation continues to rise forcing consumer spending to shift once again

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Data observability generates benefits well beyond migration management

My recent work has focused heavily on migration, especially onto the SAS Viya platform and cloud more generally. Rather unexpectedly during this process, we have found that data observability is becoming increasingly important to customers. They start simply by looking at tracing files, but soon find that it has a

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Lavado de dinero, cinco tendencias para combatirlo

Para los defraudadores y blanqueadores de fondos, el lavado de dinero es una mina de oro altamente redituable. Se calcula que entre el 2% y el 5% del producto interno bruto (PIB) global es lavado, lo que representa casi $3,000 millones de dólares (mdd) de fondos ilícitos que se fluyen

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7 common pitfalls to avoid when creating business value from AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a digital transformation that is changing businesses’ operations. It is likely to bring a sea change compared to the Industrial Revolution. Many challenges with AI are technical, but most failures occur because of poor strategy and execution. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take

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