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Programming Tips
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Bilinear interpolation in SAS

This article shows how to perform two-dimensional bilinear interpolation in SAS by using a SAS/IML function. It is assumed that you have observed the values of a response variable on a regular grid of locations. A previous article showed how to interpolate inside one rectangular cell. When you have a

Programming Tips
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What is bilinear interpolation?

I've previously written about linear interpolation in one dimension. Bilinear interpolation is a method for two-dimensional interpolation on a rectangle. If the value of a function is known at the four corners of a rectangle, an interpolation scheme gives you a way to estimate the function at any point in

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Linear interpolation in SAS

SAS programmers sometimes ask about ways to perform one-dimensional linear interpolation in SAS. This article shows three ways to perform linear interpolation in SAS: PROC IML (in SAS/IML software), PROC EXPAND (in SAS/ETS software), and PROC TRANSREG (in SAS/STAT software). Of these, PROC IML Is the simplest to use and

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Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery – Using Python and REST APIs for SAS Visual Analytics reports

With increasing interest in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), many SAS Users want to know what can be done for Visual Analytics reports. In this article, I will explain how to use Python and SAS Viya REST APIs to extract a report from a SAS Viya environment and import it into another environment.

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9 passos para uma modelagem preditiva eficaz

Modelos de machine learning estão cada dia mais em alta no mercado de trabalho. Mas o que são esses modelos? Por que eles ganharam tanto destaque? Por que todos querem usar? Gosto de dizer que modelos de machine learning são modelos estatísticos acrescidos de poder computacional, e que as empresas

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