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Erstes SAS User Group Meetup: „Am besten gehen die User am nächsten Tag zur Arbeit und legen direkt los“

Vor ein paar Wochen hat das erste deutsche SAS User Group Meetup in Berlin stattgefunden. Dort hatte ich die Gelegenheit, mit Igor Khorlo, Senior Statistical Programmer bei Syneos Health Deutschland und Gründer der SAS User Group Germany (SUGG), über seine Motivation zu sprechen, die Gruppe ins Leben zu rufen –

Programming Tips
Rick Wicklin 0
Transpose blocks to reshape data

A SAS programmer asked how to rearrange elements of a matrix. The rearrangement he wanted was rather complicated: certain blocks of data needed to move relative to other blocks, but the values within each block were to remain unchanged. It turned out that the mathematical operation he needed is called

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Sian Roberts 0
Deep learning for numerical analysis explained

Deep learning (DL) is a subset of neural networks, which have been around since the 1960’s. Computing resources and the need for a lot of data during training were the crippling factor for neural networks. But with the growing availability of computing resources such as multi-core machines, graphics processing units

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