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Programming Tips
Jody Carlton 0
Using locale-specific format catalogs to create reports in multiple languages

This blog post, inspired by my work on this topic with a SAS customer, focuses on how to create and use locale-specific informats to read in numeric values from a Microsoft Excel file and then transform them into SAS character values. I incorporated this step into a macro that transforms ones and zeroes from the Excel file into meaningful information for multilingual readers.

Programming Tips
Aubrey Barfield 0
All hail the SAS programmer!

SAS offering free learning resources in celebration of programmers For more than 40 years, SAS programmers have crafted software and solutions that transform the world. From statistics to data science, to analytics and artificial intelligence, people writing code have architected a new economy with incredible opportunities. SAS Programmer Week honors

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Mariana Fontanezi 0
Time Series Modeling: R & SAS

Como integrar modelos hierárquicos de séries temporais desenvolvidos em R ao SAS Visual Forecasting analisando as diferentes estratégias? O objetivo deste artigo é apresentar como podemos executar modelos de séries temporais, que foram desenvolvidos no R, no SAS Visual Forecasting, podendo, assim, paralelizar e acelerar o processamento do código R.

Programming Tips
Rick Wicklin 0
4 ways to standardize data in SAS

A common operation in statistical data analysis is to center and scale a numerical variable. This operation is conceptually easy: you subtract the mean of the variable and divide by the variable's standard deviation. Recently, I wanted to perform a slight variation of the usual standardization: Perform a different standardization

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