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Programming Tips
Ron Cody 0
Creating Simulated Data Sets

There are times when it is useful to simulate data. One of the reasons I use simulated data sets is to demonstrate statistical techniques such as multiple or logistic regression. By using SAS random functions and some DATA step logic, you can create variables that follow certain distributions or are

Programming Tips
Kim Wilson 0
Debugging a stored-process problem

Have you ever submitted a stored process, and instead of the expected output, you saw errors or no output at all? Depending on how you submit the stored process, various logs are available to assist you with debugging. This article provides guidance for understanding which situations call for which logs, where to find each log, and what you should look for in each log.

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Rick Wicklin 0
Crossover and mutation: An introduction to two operations in genetic algorithms

This article uses an example to introduce to genetic algorithms (GAs) for optimization. It discusses two operators (mutation and crossover) that are important in implementing a genetic algorithm. It discusses choices that you must make when you implement these operations. Some programmers love using genetic algorithms. Genetic algorithms are heuristic

Programming Tips
Ron Cody 0
Encrypting Data Using SAS

There are many reasons why you might want to encrypt data. I use a SAS program to encrypt a list of logon names and passwords. Before we get started describing how to encrypt data, let's discuss some basic concepts concerning encrypting and decrypting data. All computer data is stored as

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