Cancer Prevention in Your Kitchen


Cancer is a pretty scary word and is something that affects most of us, either directly or indirectly. It is a complex condition with possible causes including: poor diet, environmental toxins, genetics, infections, viruses, stress, tobacco use, lack of exercise and more. While no one knows the exact cause of cancer, studies suggests that 30-40% of all kinds of cancer can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and dietary considerations. 30-40% of all kinds of #cancer can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and dietary considerations. #saslife Click To Tweet

The foods you eat can protect against cancer or increase your risk of certain cancers. While there are plenty of “cancer fighting foods,” there isn’t one single super food that can protect us from cancer.  Instead, the overall synergy of compounds in our diet offers the strongest protection against cancer. 

The nutrition recommendations for cancer prevention are very similar to those for preventing other chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease and for maintaining overall health.  Check out the 7 Cancer Prevention Tips below and start eating to lower your cancer risk today! Read More »

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Mind, Body, Yoga (Part 2) - Breast Cancer Awareness

candle-pink-ribbons-and-more Eighteen years ago, on a cold and rainy day, I was frustrated. It had been three weeks since I made the discovery. Yes, the ultrasound declared it a solid mass and not a cyst. No, the mammogram didn’t know exactly what it was. I agreed to wait eight weeks to see if my body would absorb this foreign object. My medical provider declared this would be the most likely scenario. Five more weeks...

Sitting in stillness to simply find the breath was challenging. Each time was the same. I would begin with good intentions to find calm. Then, my monkey mind would jump from vine to vine with commentary of worry and not knowing. I needed something more and remembered this ancient practice that I had studied during mindfulness training. I had practiced the very basics but hadn’t committed myself. My instinct told me that this is exactly what I needed.

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Cow Face: October Yoga Pose of the Month

Stretches the hips, ankles and shoulders while opening chest and lengthening spine.

Cow Face Pose (Sanskrit: Gomukhasana)


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Plant Powered Protein


Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or are just trying to eat more meatless meals, consuming a diet without meat or fish can raise concerns about not getting enough protein.   Have no fear, you can still meet your protein needs IF you structure your meals in the right way and don’t fall into unhealthy vegetarian traps like eating tons of processed junk foods all day long (aka- fries, chips and cookies which are conveniently vegetarian!). Read More »

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Managing Well-Intentioned Extra Attention

pexels-photo-38174-largeWhen someone is sick or in the hospital, it may not be long before the casserole patrol comes a knockin'. "Casserole patrol" is the term a witty colleague of mine used to describe the friends and neighbors who bring food when someone is sick. I've been there before, standing at a doorstep with a pot of chili hoping to help. The support of others can help when coping through a difficult time. It's great to feel the love. But sometimes when a lot is already on your plate (pun slightly intended), the attention can be overwhelming. So when you are on the receiving end, how do you handle all of this well-intentioned extra attention?

Let's look at some issues that can arise.

Issue #1 : You simply do not have enough time to answer each phone call or email.

Solution: It is okay if you cannot respond to every call. Change your personal voicemail.  I knew a caregiver who changed her voicemail to say:

“Hello. As you may know I am tending to some personal family matters at this time. I am grateful for the calls and support provided. I'm sorry I may not be able to promptly respond. Please know that I do receive your messages and your support brings me comfort at this time”.

This is just one example. You can be as discreet or detailed as you would like. This allows you to express your gratitude and takes you off the hook for not immediately responding. You can write a general Facebook post or send a summary email update. Which leads us to Issue #2... Read More »

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Mind, Body, Breath (Part 1) - Breast Cancer Awareness

pink-ribbon-awarenessIt was like any other day in autumn. The brightly covered leaves that had once been attached to the cascading tree branches had finally let go. The summer heat had taken its toll and there they were lying on the ground fading into the Earth’s surface. I remember looking out of the bedroom window witnessing the bare limbs in disbelief. Finally, I called out to my husband to tell him of a discovery I’d just made. Like the leaves, I found myself falling to the floor, with tears in my eyes wondering. I was 30…twelve years younger than my mother when she discovered she had breast cancer.

We often go through life unaware. Sooner or later, things that lie beneath the surface begin to emerge. They take the shape of lumps, coughs, pains, nausea or some other manifestation. What we don’t know, but soon discover, could end up being a life lesson – opening our eyes to a whole new world.

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Courageous Parenting

I was with my two grown sons and their spouses this past month for a family wedding. I have to say that they have turned out well. They seem to have great relationships with their spouses and children; they are working productively in their fields of interest; they care about the communities they live in.  And they rarely call me for advice. 🙂  Yes, I am blessed, but I am not taking credit. These outcomes are not due in large measure to great parenting skill on my part.  But there are a couple of things I learned along the way through trial-and-error: Read More »

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Workout of the Month: #SOCKtober Style!

Did you know that socks are one of the most needed but least donated items at homeless shelters? Or that 4,000 people will experience homelessness each year in Wake County alone?  To bring awareness to this need and to encourage YOU to make a difference by donating socks to your local homeless shelter, we're featuring sock-inspired events this month at the RFC including October's workout of the month "Socks" by RFC Personal Trainer Joey Davis.


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One Health Tip All Experts Agree On


As a nutritionist, I have consulted with many clients over the years about how to eat to improve their health.  Since every individual has different nutritional needs based on their genetics, lab results and current lifestyle, each nutrition consult is different than the one before.  In addition, nutrition messages have come and gone over the decades based on the latest research findings which may create the need to tweak a previous recommendation to the same person.

But, in spite of changing research and individual differences, one nutrition message has survived the test of time.    Read More »

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The T in Twenties and Thirties is for Transitions

Celebrating one year with my Work/Life team.

Celebrating one year with my Work/Life team.

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary at SAS. I don’t use the word celebrated passively; there was delicious food, time for reflection, and of course selfies. I'm still in awe of this work environment and my awesome team. So what have I learned in this past year? Mayonnaise mixed with hot sauce makes the perfect dip for any fried vegetable served at F. A double espresso mixed with hot water from the coffee machines makes the perfect coffee drink. And the desktop guided relaxations provided by wellness are the perfect way to get in the zone for some good work. Speaking of work…

I arrived here ready to meet the “young professional” population of SAS as Work/Life Balance for Young Professionals was to be one of my main focuses. And can I just say, you all are awesome. I've met so many employees who are incredibly professional, driven, and kind. I so appreciate those of you who have taken the time this year to share with me to help me better understand your interests and needs.

This may not be the first time you’ve heard this spiel from me, but in continued celebration of my first year, humor me and let's look at some reasons why having a focus on young professionals is warranted in the first place. Basically, I am trying to make it as clear as possible to you young professionals: You deserve some credit and I want to normalize all that you encounter. Read More »

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