Cut the excuses; it's time to get moving!


It's the 3rd week of January.  Did you set a fitness resolution or a 2017 exercise goal?  How are you doing?  Usually week 3 is where things start getting real.  And by real, I mean real hard.  The sparkle of newness wears off, enthusiasm wanes, the gym is crowded, and it seems that excuses are easier than actually getting off your tush and getting it done.   So what’s a Resolutioner to do when times start getting tough and the excuses are free flowing? Read More »

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Helping Seniors Stay Safely At Home for Longer: Apps for Smart Phones & Tablets

 Today's guest blogger is Liisa Ogburn, founder of Aging Advisors NC

About one in every seven Americans is over 65 and that number is projected to increase to one in five by 2050. Ninety percent of people over sixty-five want to live out their days at home. However, only sixty percent will. Why?


One part of the equation is whether seniors have family close by to help bridge the gap between what they can do and what they can’t. It’s tricky because these days adult children often live further from their parents than past generations. They frequently are holding down fulltime jobs while also juggling the care of their under-18 children. There is more to do in less time.


While technology is not the answer for every need, it can play an important role in keeping some seniors safely at home (the term is “aging in place”) for longer.

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Dinner On Your Doorstep


With the holidays, and all the tempting sweets and treats that come along with it, behind us, now is the perfect time to kick start the New Year with a clean slate.  No matter what your goals or resolutions are this year, eating more fresh, whole foods is an excellent place to start.  And that means cooking more at home….I know, I know, who has time for that?! But don’t panic just yet!

Sure, it can be tough giving up some of those packaged, processed favorites and go-to take out meals, but cooking doesn’t have to be a burden.  Plus, there are plenty of time-saving tricks to assist you including the booming, multi-billion dollar meal delivery kit industry.

Dinner on my doorstep? Sign me up! But wait, check out these reviews first! #saslife Click To Tweet Read More »

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Downward Facing Dog: January Yoga Pose of the Month

Strengthens arms, core and quadriceps; opens shoulders and chest while lengthening hamstrings
(great pose for the entire body)

Downward Facing Dog Pose (Sanskrit:  Adho Mukha Svanasana)   down-dog

  • Come onto floor on hands and knees. Place knees directly below hips and hands slightly forward of shoulders.  Spread palms, middle fingers parallel and curl toes under.  Inhale and on exhale, lift knees away from floor.  Keep knees bent with heels reaching towards the floor.  Remember, your hamstrings may be tight so give yourself permission to bend the knees as much as you need.  Press heel of hands into mat and lengthen tailbone.  Lift sitting bones toward ceiling.
  • For the next few breaths, begin to refine the pose - starting with your hands. If your thumb and index fingers are off the ground, you're putting too much weight in your outer hands. Think of creating a perfect palm print on the mat.  Spread your fingers, reach through your arms and press down with both hands. Make sure you don't have a deep bend in the wrists.  If you do press your chest back towards the thighs and make sure you haven't forgotten to bend the knees.
  • Now, lengthen your arms without locking your elbows, internally rotating and hugging the arms into the body. This will protect your shoulders. If you have tight shoulders, you can widen your hand stance.  Feel your armpit area lengthen and your chest open.
  • Last but not least, release the tension in your neck; let your head hang naturally between your arms. After three to five breaths, exhale and bring your knees to the floor. Rest in Child's Pose.  Remember, each time you move into Down Dog, find something different.  As your body warms, you find more within the pose.

Namaste - The light within me honors the grace and wisdom within you.

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RFC Move of the Month - Squat

Happy New Year!

We're switching things up this year, instead of a workout of the month, we're featuring a move of the month.  We'll provide options that require equipment while others can be done anywhere.  Refine your technique and try a new variation! Up first  -


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Planting Seeds, Cultivating the New Year

acorn  As the New Year has woven its way into our landscape, I think of the days that have vanished into the horizon. I’m reminded of how quickly the seasons pass and how synonymous they are with resolutions. We begin by planting seeds in the cool, moist soil. We tend our garden and with the sunlight and water provided, we discover new opportunities of growth. Maybe these turn into an abundance of richness and resources that carry us through the year. What happens if we neglect our crop? This is when we observe the leaves dropping one by one. We find bare trees, less color in nature, chilled evenings and crisp sunrises longing for those days of warmth and a time when we thrived. It seems like it was yesterday when I set my 2016 intentions. Now I’m reflecting on a pool of the past. Did I accomplish what I wanted or did I catch a glimpse of what could have been?

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True Confessions

True confessions. I’ve been working here at SAS for 15+ years and I have never used the Recreation and Fitness Center. That’s not quite true. I frequently go there to get a diet lemonade or a cup of coffee if our machine is not working. I have picked up some discount movie tickets on occasion. I use Campus Cuts and have had a massage or two. I even used the shower facilities when we lost power at our house. You catch the drift...I haven’t used the RFC for its main purpose—exercise and fitness.

Do you remember your Orientation? I do. I was so excited about all the “perks” including the fitness center. I immediately got my health check so I could have access to the facilities. So, what went wrong?! As I reflect in this New Year, I would say, “Good intentions, but no goal.”

I still have good intentions…even more so than I did 15 years ago. Now that I have rounded age 60 and have attended many Work/Life seminars on aging and dementia, I am quite aware of the value of exercise when it comes to good mental & cognitive health not to mention physical health. And, yes, there might be a wee bit of pride. I had cataract surgery last month, so maybe I’m also proving to myself that I am not that old.  Read More »

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Does Mom need help? What to look for during holiday visits

As the holidays approach, one of the highlights (for most of us) is time spent visiting with family.  For me, this is one of two times a year when my entire family comes together - and, it has become customary for my two brothers and me to spend a bulk of our time together comparing observations of our parents' functioning.  This is usually done in in a spirit of good humor, although more and more often the anecdotes are accompanied by nervous laughter.

As there has typically been at least a 3-4 month period between the times that we see each other, any changes in my parents' health or mental status are usually marked and noticeable.  I thought it would be helpful to send out some suggestions for what to look for during holiday visits.  If you are visiting your older family member in their home, here are some areas to observe:

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Happy Holidays from the RFC!


Thank you SAS community for all the fun this year!  We truly enjoy each moment with you as you take care of your health both here at SAS and in your adventures around the world!  May you be happy, healthy, and loved now and always!

While we're talking health....

Don’t take a complete break from exercise while we’re on winter break!  Here are a few ideas to help you stay moving next week (and beyond!) Read More »

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Yet Another Sweet Season for Giving


We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who donated their leftover (and excess) Halloween candy this year, you outdid yourselves!! We tipped the scales right at 450 pounds of candy! Read More »

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