NEHFM Workout of the Week: Pick a Card, Any Card!

As we wrap up our final week of National Employee Health and Fitness Month, our last "Workout of the Week" is a new take on a card game! This one could be challenging, but definitely FUN!

Good luck and may the odds be in your favor! 😉

NEHFM 2016 WOW: Pick a Card Any Card!

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Eating Healthy at SAS


We are so lucky here on SAS’s World Headquarters campus to have many wonderful food options!  Many of us take advantage of the cafés and food-to-go stations on a daily basis too.  As you can imagine, we get questions about what the healthiest options are in the cafes and food-to-go stations on a regular basis.  Luckily there are plenty of great options!!

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Comfort IN, Dump OUT (Or, What Not to Say)

When someone in our life is facing difficult circumstances – whether it be loss, grief, or any number of bad situations - we are often left feeling awkward at best, and useless at worst, in terms of how to respond.  We want to offer support, and it is a natural human reaction to want to ‘fix’ a situation (as evidenced by this video), yet that can often make it worse, or at least elicit a negative reaction.  So we are often left scratching our heads  because (1) we don’t know what we did wrong,  (2) our attempts to reach out were clearly misguided and (3) we haven’t any earthly idea how to rectify the situation.  This often leads to more awkwardness and discomfort, often resulting in our tendency to avoid the situation and/or person, which leaves everyone feeling pretty crappy.

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Mental Health: One aspect to consider

Last weekend my boyfriend and I saw a license plate with the letters “E-A-T”. We joked this was a cool license plate, especially as eating food is one of our favorite things to do. I saw two other EAT license plates that weekend and then FIVE more on Monday. It’s funny how things seem to repeat themselves after they are first revealed to us. I noticed a second trend that same weekend and it was one that I couldn’t ignore. This concept was repeating, telling me I needed to recognize it. Kind of like how seeing “EAT” told me I was hungry. But I digress.

It started Sunday morning as I was sitting on my porch reading Furiously Happy, Jenny Lawson’s brutally honest look at mental illness that also happens to be brutally entertaining and hilarious. As she writes about her mental illness she explains,

“You’re so tired from fighting that you start to listen to all the little lies your brain tells you. The ones that say that you’re a drain on your family. The ones that say it’s all in your head. The ones that say if you were stronger or better this wouldn’t be happening to you.”

She speaks of writing as a way of reminding herself that things will get better:

“…Because it’s so easy to forget that I’ve been here before and come out on the other side, and perhaps if I have this to read I’ll remember it again next time and it will help me to keep on breathing until the medications take hold and I’m out of the hole again.”

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Go ahead, skip your workout! 8 Ways to Maximize Your Athletic Performance with Recovery

Wait?  Did you really just read that right? 

In the land of more – more time, more time, more exercise, more weights, more miles, more workouts, go faster! Push harder! Do MORE! – We need to remember BALANCE is key.  More is NOT better when it comes to exercise.  Physiologically speaking, our bodies were made to move through patterns of exertion and relaxation all the way down to our bones.  Our muscles contract, relax, and contract again to allow for movement.  Our bones need stimulation through activity to grow, but too much activity, and they crack (stress fracture, anyone?)  Our mind must be stimulated to grow.  Too little stimulation of the mind and we lose intelligence, too much stimulation and we shut down from stress.  Therefore, sometimes, you should know that YES, it is appropriate to go ahead and skip your workout.  Your body will be healthier for it.

When is taking a “skip” appropriate or necessary? Read More »

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NEHFM Workout of the Week: The Partner Workout

We are entering week 3 of #NationalEmployeeHealthandFitnessMonth and that means we have another fun "Workout of the Week" in store for you! Grab a pal, head to the RFC or your local gym, and have a great time working out as a pair!

NEHFM 2016 WOW: The Partner Workout

Who's going to be your workout buddy this week?

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Performance Benefits of Beets

beet blog title photo

I admit, I’ve always loved beets! I can remember eating beets right out of the can as a kid. My grandma would also pickle them. YUM! I love beets! I actually never had a fresh beet until I got a little older and was cooking for myself. The difference between a canned beet and a fresh beet is just huge! Read More »

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Celebrate National Employee Health and Fitness Month

NEHFM 2016 WordmarkHow do you define Health?  What about Fitness or Wellness?  To me there is a lot of overlap. For example, if I say I ran 3 miles today, would you say the run benefited my health, improved my state of fitness, or contributed to my overall well-being?  I believe I did all three and sometimes it depends on the day!  Some days, a good run is exactly what I need to clear my head.  Other days gardening, my go-to stress buster, provides quite a physical workout!  And yet other days, the best thing I can do to contribute to my physical health or fitness is to give my body a day of recovery by kicking back and reading or immersing myself in an art project.  I believe by keeping my activities well rounded I am more fit, well, and healthy.

May is National Employee Health and Fitness month and the Recreation and Fitness Center has a HUGE variety of celebratory activities on tap.  Speaking of on tap (I just can’t help myself), one of the events is a beer tasting.  Beer Tasting“Beer tasting and health and fitness, you ask?!” Read More »

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Standing Big Toe: May Yoga Pose of the Month

Strengthen your core, lengthen your spine and create hamstring flexibility!

Standing Big Toe (Sanskrit: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)

May 2016 Pose of the Month - Celeste

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Healthy Hacks for Your Cinco de Mayo Snacks

Cinco de Mayo is a little over a week away, ole!  Simply translated to the “fifth of May,” for most of us Cinco de Mayo doesn’t mean much more than a great excuse to have fun with friends while indulging in nachos, burritos and of course margaritas!
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