Water Safety Myths- TRUE or FALSE


Summertime has arrived! Here are some fun, serious and what some might think are absurd questions about water safety. Take the quiz and test your knowledge. Read More »

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Parenting in Shifting Sands

There is so much going on in our country right now socially, that I feel like someone has just placed a soapbox in front of me and dared me to climb up.  Never one to resist, let's talk about parenting in shifting sands.

Talking to your kids (of all ages) about a variety of topics is so important in parenting.  A lot has happened in the U.S. last week that will affect them... because other kids are discussing it at school/camp... because it changes the world they live in... because it may personally effect them or their family.  Anyone who has ever attended a lunch-and-learn with me knows I am a big fan of capitalizing on current events as a strategy to bring up those difficult topics with your kids.  Having conversations on a variety of topics also let's your child know that those topics are not off limits in your household.

A note about "my child knows they can talk to me about anything."  Whenever I hear a parent say this it concerns me.  If you haven't explicitly brought up a topic with your child, your child does not know they can talk to you about that topic and they probably won't.  Bringing up difficult topics is, well, difficult.  But if we can't do it as adults (thereby modeling and teaching our children how), we shouldn't expect them to be able to do it.

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Is this Added Sugar or Natural Sugar??


You may have heard that the World Health Organization (WHO) released its new Sugar Guidelines which recommend keeping Added Sugar to less than 5% of our total calories or 6 teaspoons of Added Sugar per day. Read More »

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National Safety Month: Fire Safety

It was 3:00 am one week day morning this April. The whole house had long been asleep when we were startled by the sound of a fire alarm. My husband and I jumped out of bed disoriented…. is there a fire?  We didn’t smell any smoke... Our youngest daughter was frightened and crying hysterically, our older daughter somehow continued to sleep through the commotion, and our 12 year old black lab was a panting, trembling mess... Read More »

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Summer Dinners Made Easy

summer dinner made easy

Summer temps are here and that’s fine by me! (I REALLY don’t like winter!!) And, now that it’s warm outside it’s time to catch up on fresh air, sunshine and balmy breezes. No more winter-imposed, nature deprivation!

Playing hard in warm weather requires good fuel, powerful nutrition and, of course, time. But, finding extra minutes to cook healthy meals during busy summer months (or any time) challenges even the most organized human. You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen because you have better things to do, but you also don’t want to settle for pizza or fast food burgers every night, right? Read More »

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When it comes to working up a sweat, quality counts!

cycling up hillA couple weeks ago, I completed my third half ironman (a triathlon consisting of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 mile run), and WOW;  it was a hard event!  I had an awesome race back in October and had high expectations for this race – even to possibly “chick” (beat) my husband. But, a lot has been going on in my life the last couple months that have affected my training – specifically the TIME I had available to do so.  Despite not training as much as I would have liked, one of my proudest moments of the race occurred during the run when a fellow participant called me “that crazy girl that was passing everyone up those hills (while biking).”  Why yes, I thought, that was me.  And how did that come to be?  It was all about the QUALITY of my training rides.

As a trainer, I quite frequently get the same request:  I want to lose weight/get stronger/finish a race (you fill in the blank), but I only have a limited amount of time to do so.  What’s the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time?  Read More »

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You Have to Pay the Piper Sometime

Have you ever heard the expression, “Guess I gotta pay the piper.”?  It is often used about a situation where a price is paid that is considered too high or unfair, but failing to pay the price often results in dire consequences.  This expression is based on the story of the Pied Piper, who removed the rats from a town, and when not paid, he took the town’s children instead!

You have to pay the piper sometime.  This is one of my mantras in parent education.  It typically arises in the context of homework and school projects, but is a truism in many aspects of raising a child to become a responsible, healthy, and caring young adult.  Let me set the scene… Read More »

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Helping Your Teens with Career & Self-Discovery

I was at a family gathering recently.  An elderly relative asked my teenage nephew, "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?"  My nephew looked over at me hoping I'd rescue him from the situation.  I didn't.  But I also recognized the pressure a teen can feel when that question is posed.

HOW your teen eventually answers this question for him/herself is important.

But WHEN your teen answers this question is even more important.  If your teen tries to answer this question too soon...without accurate self-discovery or sufficient exploration of the vast array of career options...your teen could narrow his/her focus too soon.

WHAT can you do as a parent to help this process of self-discovery and career exploration?  Here are my top 3 tips… Read More »

Fries with That?


French fries, pommes frites, chips…or just fries…are indisputably one of the most popular foods in America with the average American consuming nearly 29 pounds of fries a year. Read More »

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The Top Ten Reasons Exercise Should Be Part of Your Workday

It’s mid-afternoon.  You just ate lunch.  You were up early with the kids and had 4 back to back meetings today and now you need to mark off a few more items on your “To Do” list before the end of the day, but when you sit down, you’re suddenly tired.  Sleepy.  And not motivated. Rather than being super productive as you’d planned, you muscle through the rest of the day guzzling coffee and obsessively checking the clock counting down ‘til quittin’ time.  We’ve all been there.  Why not head to the gym?  Read More »

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