3 Ways to Enhance the Flavor of Real Foods


If you are new to eating real foods or are just trying to eat less processed foods, you may have initially thought that real food is bland. But I promise, eating real food doesn’t have to mean plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli.  There are plenty of great, easy ways to enhance the wonderful flavors of real, whole foods!  Below are 3 of my favorite ways!

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This week: make examining your priorities a priority. #sassleeptransformation

In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert paraphrases a famous quote by Richard Bach when she writes, "Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them". That saying is now on a sticky note at my desk and a reminder to reflect on the excuses I make for myself. Often I find that my limitations are a direct product of something else I have made an unhealthy, unreasonable, or suboptimal priority.

We may be prioritizing the novelty or simplicity of grabbing a coffee to go in the morning over future savings. We may be prioritizing our need to stay updated or feed that impulse to check our phones instead of using them for communication to our close ties. We may be prioritizing time spent watching television over time spent exercising or engaging in alternative forms of healthy self-care. Don't worry - the view isn't too high from my horse right now as I have done all of the above. And it's not even something to fault for. But I think we could (myself included) take better ownership of the fact that what we do have time for in our busy lives are the things we are making (consciously or subconsciously) a priority. Read More »

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Recreate to Feel Great!

This week, we have a NEW author!  Introducing Dany Losh, a Senior Manager at the RFC.  Dany as enjoyed working at the RFC for over 25 years sharing her passion of recreation and fitness with SAS employees and currently manages our Recreation, Leisure, and On-Site Services Team.  Today Dany is sharing with us how recreation helps us stay balanced and healthy!

by Dany Losh, Sr. Manager, Recreation and Fitness Center

Is recreation a priority in your life?  It should be.

Recreation is a word that has many meanings to many people.  It can be done alone or with thousands.  Dictionary.com defines recreation as 1. refreshment by means of some pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like 2. a pastime, diversion, exercise, or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment. 

strawberrry picking DL 2016As a recreation professional, recreation not only "puts food on the table," it's been in my life for as long as I can remember.  It's me doing what I love and feel passionate about and sharing that with SAS employees and their families.  It doesn't get more rewarding than that!   In a world dominated by work, kids, chores, errands and always being "on the go," it's important to build in time to recharge yourself.  Participating in recreation activities is one way to do just that - recharge and find balance in a busy life. The thing is, recreation doesn't always just happen. It must be a top item on our to-do list pursued with purpose, determination, and priority.

Why recreate?

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Is Your Alcoholic Drink Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

output_2mTZhnI recently returned from my annual family beach vacation. It’s my family and my husband’s family, so around 35 or 40 of us in all. As you can imagine, there is a lot of beach time, huge dinners, and a lot of drinking. Read More »

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Bow: August Yoga Pose of the Month

 Stretches the front of the body, ankles, thighs, abdomen, chest, throat and hip flexors.  Strengthens back muscles and improves posture.

Bow Pose (Sanskrit:  Dhanurasana)


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Teens and Sleep #sassleeptransformation

sleep-transformation-mark-finalSleep has never been my forté.  Even as I child, I dreamt of a world where the sun would never set and I could play ad infinitum.  When Dr. Gupta opened her "Importance of Sleep" seminar in May with an observation that many people disdain sleep and equate it with lack of productivity, I totally identified! I was reminded of  a This I Believe essay I wrote a few years ago titled, "I Believe in Staying Awake". YIKES!

So, what do I have to offer about teens and sleep?  I offer what I have learned: Read More »

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Incredible, Edible Egg...Substitutes


Following a vegan diet? Allergic to eggs? Or in the middle of baking your favorite recipe only to realize you’re out of eggs? Fortunately, there are numerous egg substitutes you can use that you likely have in your pantry or fridge. Read More »

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Volunteering #worklifebalancegoals

You've seen the terms #squadgoals or #lifegoals - to me, one #worklifebalancegoal is to be able to have time to volunteer outside of work. I could go on about the importance of service and how we are all connected but will have to save that soapbox for a different blog/time. From a happiness at work perspective, a Swiss study of workers who also volunteered in non-profits showed that, "volunteering was associated with less work-life conflict, burnout and stress, and better positive mental health".

These days I am fortunate to have the time to mentor a teenage girl and volunteer with a group that provides fresh food to those in need. I also find interest in "one-time" events, for example, I look forward to helping at the SAS Golf Tournament later this year. As a social worker, knowing about community resources is part of the profession, so it's pretty easy for me to know where the volunteer opportunities are. Where there's a resource - there's usually a volunteer need.

I hear from many people that they want to somehow be involved but are unsure of how or where to start. A search engine and a few key words can open you up to a world of possibilities. There are so many ways you can volunteer, on a spectrum from serious to minimal commitment. You could do anything from directly working with the population served, to assisting with admin, fundraising, events, maintenance and more.

So here is my suggested search "algorithm" (Yes I see the irony as this is probably the only time I would be the one sharing an "algorithm" with SAS employees). Read More »

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Love Your Body Now!

In June, my husband and I completed this silly race call Storm the Beach – totally out of my norm, it was only 5 miles 🙂  and included things like climbing, crawling, wading through the ocean, balancing, rope swinging, and running through soft sand.  It was nuts, but so fun,  and I'd definitely do it again!  After the fact, one of my girlfriends sent me this photo:

Storm the Beach

Photo by Michael Beswick Photography for OBSE's Storm the Beach Obstacle Race, June 12, 2016

The warm feelings of joy, silliness, and fun rushed in as I took a few minutes re-live this hour and 10 minutes I shared with my favorite race buddy.  And then, the photo self-critique stepped in.  My thoughts – “Check out my shoulders!  That’s impressive!”  And yes, those, strong, toddler carrying, weight lifting, swimming shoulders ARE impressive.  This thought took me by surprise.  Years ago, I might have been sad, angry, or disappointed that such a photo was posted online.  I would’ve cruelly picked apart my body, disappointed that my less than tiny belly and thighs were on public display.  Today, I see Read More »

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Build a Better Smoothie


Smoothies are a great way to pack a ton of nutrition into a refreshing, on-the-go glass. However, many “healthy” smoothies in reality are loaded with carbohydrates and sugar from tons of fruit as well as juice, honey, agave or possibly even sherbet or sorbet!  Of course these smoothies taste fantastic BUT they aren’t so fantastic for us and don’t provide a balanced, anchored meal. Read More »

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