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Students & Educators
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Celebrate Bridging the Digital Equity Gap

The world’s largest and most comprehensive social studies professional development conference is NCSS. This year's gathering of teaching professionals from across the country offers a perfect opportunity to showcase the latest FREE online social studies lessons from Curriculum Pathways. It offers 600+ free social studies tools and resources, each addressing the enhanced rigor and critical

Students & Educators
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Guest Teacher Post: Developing Critical-Thinking Skills with Adaptive Lessons

Editor's Note: Justin Allar teaches social studies at Clay-Battelle Middle/High School in Blackville, West Virginia. In this guest post, he describes how Curriculum Pathways resources meet the critical-thinking needs of his social studies students. This is the second in a series of blog posts written by West Virginia educators sharing how they have integrated digital content

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How SAS can help your career

Professionals with deep analytical knowledge, particularly using SAS, are in high demand. But to build a successful career, you first have to acquire the necessary analytical skills. Recently, I interviewed Andrea Baroni, a graduate from Lancaster University, and asked him to share his experience learning SAS and how it has helped advance his professional career. Your background Mayra

Students & Educators
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Guest Teacher Blog: Engaging Science Students of Varying Ability

Editor's Note: Heather DeLuca-Nestor teaches 8th grade science at South Middle School in Morgantown, West Virginia. In this guest post, she describes how Curriculum Pathways resources meet the critical-thinking needs of her science students. This is the first in a series of blog posts written by West Virginia educators sharing how they have integrated digital

Students & Educators
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Teaching Math 1? We Can Help.

More than five years ago, the Curriculum Pathways team released a comprehensive and FREE online Algebra 1 course. It includes 46 engaging lessons that use videos and real-world examples, along with interactive elements to develop students’ problem-solving, reasoning, and critical-thinking skills. Since the course's release, some states and districts have chosen not to

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Free Online Professional Development to Meet Teachers' Needs

The all-new online professional development offerings from Curriculum Pathways enable teachers to learn about new ideas and resources specific to their discipline areas and grade levels. Equally important, teachers focus on resources that model effective technology integration. This model fills a vital need identified by teachers, the National Schools Boards Association, the Center

Students & Educators
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Students can Quickly and Easily Document Research with the Writing Reviser

The Byzantine particulars of documenting sources within a research paper and correctly formatting a final Works Cited page have frustrated students and teachers since the invention of papyrus. Worse, struggling to research the proper way to cite research sources steals valuable time from activities central to any writing class: refining the essay’s

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Addressing the gender gap in analytics

Though I'm more of a marketer than a technologist, I do work at a technology company, which means I'm acutely aware of the well-documented shortage of analytical professionals. But there's another shortage in the field that doesn't get nearly the attention: the dearth of women in analytics. During her Analytics Experience 2017 keynote address, Reshma Saujani highlighted the issue,

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