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Suneel Grover 0
SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Marketing AI vision

Your brand is customer journey obsessed, and every interaction with your company provides a potential opportunity to make an intelligent decision, deepen engagement and meet conversion goals. The hype of martech innovation in 2020 is continuing to elevate, and every technology vendor is claiming the following statement: "Bolster the customer

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Francois Jaussaud 0
Conseiller financier dans la banque : un métier en grand péril

Avec l'avènement de l'intelligence artificielle, les banques risquent d'être reléguées à leur plus simple expression : celle de fournisseur de produits financiers. Fini le conseil humain. Fini l'agence. Il faut se préparer à cette révolution, avertit François Jaussaud. La prochaine offensive des Gafa (et des BATX, leurs homologues chinois) visera

Artificial Intelligence
Andrea Deinert 0
Broken Culture - AI #7

Wer sind wir? Üblicherweise stellen sich nur menschliche Philosophen diese Frage. Doch mit Einzug von Künstlicher Intelligenz ist auch Unternehmensleitern angeraten, solches zu fragen. Nicht, dass sich welche für IT-Dienstleister halten, doch in Wahrheit Personaldienstleister sind. Was ja nicht schlimm wäre, solange sich das Produkt verkauft. Doch mit zunehmender Globalisierung

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SAS, 전 세계 AI 소프트웨어 플랫폼 부문 리더 선정

올해 1월 IDC에서 발표한 ‘IDC 마켓스케이프: 2019-2020년 전 세계 범용 인공지능 소프트웨어 플랫폼 벤더 평가(IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Artificial Intelligence Software Platforms 2019–2020 Vendor Assessment)’ 보고서에서 SAS가 리더로 선정되었습니다🙌🙌 IDC에서 인공지능(AI) 플랫폼 공급업체들을 평가한 것은 이번이 처음이었는데요. IDC 마켓스케이프 보고서는 수익 및 시장성을 비롯해 기업별 AI 전략 및 기능에 대한

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
Claudio Broggio 0
Protecting your intellectual property in the brave new world of AI and machine learning

AI innovations range from unique modelling techniques and computer vision efforts to medical diagnostic tools and self-driving cars. Within that wide range of technology, what should you consider patenting? Which of your discoveries are true intellectual property that necessitate protection? A little thought upfront could help you to know what

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