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2 years in: SAS and Microsoft partnership continues making waves

In June 2020, we announced our strategic partnership with Microsoft to help our joint customers address their most critical analytical challenges with SAS® Viya® on Azure. In honor of two years together, we’re highlighting some of our biggest milestones, favorite stories and impressive results. Better Together In June 2020, we announced our

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Kalkulierbare Naturkatastrophen: „Mit analytisch gestützter Risikoberechnung können wir den Insurance Gap schließen.“

Fast 200 Todesopfer (davon 134 allein im Ahrtal), 33 Milliarden Euro an Sachschäden – das Hochwasser im Ahrtal 2021 war die teuerste Naturkatastrophe der europäischen Geschichte. Und weniger als ein Viertel der betroffenen Assets war versichert. Wer die Risiken von Überschwemmungen und anderen Naturereignissen früher erkennen und präziser einschätzen will,

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Smart cities: Which parts of the UK are the most AI-ready?

AI has, for many years, been the stuff of fantasy. From the monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to the dystopian futures depicted in films such as Metropolis, the Matrix and Minority Report, the idea of intelligent machines has been capturing the imagination of writers for centuries. Our ability to store

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Por qué los programas en ciencia de datos son un éxito

Hace unas semanas, anunciamos el convenio de colaboración entre el SAS Institute y la Universidad Europea con el objetivo de formar perfiles analíticos gracias a nuestras certificaciones SAS para docencia. En particular, los estudiantes del Doble Grado en Business Analytics + Administración y Dirección de Empresas, así como de los

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Apertura e innovación, herramientas del ecosistema fintech para ampliar la inclusión financiera

Para el sector fintech de México, 2021 fue un año de crecimiento pese a la pandemia y los efectos de ésta en la economía. Según Financial Technology Partners, las inversiones en esta industria durante el año pasado a escala global llegaron a la marca de los $140 mil millones de

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Delivering the future: how biomarkers and analytics in maternity care save lives

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting things in life. Unfortunately, sometimes pregnancy complications occur, remaining a serious challenge, that is not often talked about. Ahead are interviews with leading researchers in Dublin aimed to understand the impact of data and analytics on maternal health. According to the

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Un enfoque híbrido para combatir el fraude en las telecom

Los habitantes del planeta están cada vez más conectados. Se estima que actualmente el número de usuarios de teléfonos inteligentes a escala global supera la marca de los 3,000 millones, y que esta cantidad siga creciendo paulatinamente en los próximos años.   Tal cantidad de usuarios demanda cada vez más de

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Integrative verfahrensübergreifende Analyseplattform

Die Globalisierung ist längst bei den Sicherheitsbehörden angekommen. In vielen Phänomenbereichen nehmen der Vernetzungsgrad der beteiligten Akteure und damit die Komplexität der Ermittlungen zu. Damit steigt die Menge an Daten, die während der Ermittlungen ausgewertet werden müssen. Verfahrensübergreifende Recherchesysteme geben einen Überblick über Informationen, die in unterschiedlichen Datenquellen liegen. Daneben

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Mit künstlicher Intelligenz gegen organisierte Kriminalität

Ermittlungen im Umfeld der organisierten Kriminalität sind komplex und zeitaufwändig. Kriminelle Aktivitäten und Verflechtungen erstrecken sich oft über Landes- und Staatsgrenzen hinweg. Damit steigt die Zahl der Datenquellen und der Aufwand, die Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Daten zu sichten und die relevanten Informationen in einen Zusammenhang zu setzen. Ermittler müssen oftmals Chatverläufe

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Taking a swing at data literacy: an inside look at The SAS Batting Lab

The SAS Batting Lab is a six-week program designed to help improve kids’ understanding of data while also helping them improve their baseball and softball swings. Using analytics in an interactive, AI-powered batting cage, kids can compare their swings to batting stars. During the program, the participants also became more

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The social impact of data science: improving the mental health for cancer patients with AI

A cancer journey affects both physical and mental health. This often results in feelings of social isolation, loss of identity, clinical depression and even PTSD. This often goes unrecognized and undiagnosed due in part to lack of resources, tools and time. Swedish startup War On Cancer wondered whether they could

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The 5 characteristics of a future-fit, data-driven organisation

Change is the only constant, and it doesn’t happen overnight. This is particularly true in the world of data analytics. As organizations are looking to become more digital, resilient and profitable, executives are going back to the whiteboard to reconsider how they’re using data and analytics to transform their business.

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Protecting the planet: 7 ways analytics supports sustainability

Analytics are vital to a safer future. As a renowned sustainability leader, SAS is committed to making a positive impact for our customers, employees, and the planet. Climate change is more important than ever, and the explosion of big data is essential to navigating this crisis. Learn how analytics is

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Does Romania need to boost its anti-money laundering toolbox?

Traditionally, banks have been seen as the front line in anti-money laundering activity. They have increasingly been subject to regulatory requirements to check customers, transactions and activity. However, as governments have required banks to make fraudulent activity harder, criminals have evolved their tactics. And the financial sector needs to keep

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How can technology help insurers with the fight against money laundering?

Money laundering is a growing threat within the insurance industry. The regulatory framework within banking is adding stronger controls and governance processes which will encourage launderers to seek alternative areas to launder funds. While insurance presents a different type of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk, the risks still exist. Long considered

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