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How SAS and Microsoft are using the power of partners to protect data in the cloud

Humanity collectively creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, presenting incredible opportunities for organizations—especially those who collect it in the cloud. Cloud-based data offers excellent insights for organizations, including a meaningful look at customer needs and operational improvements. However, these benefits come with risks, especially regarding security. According to IBM

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Unleashing brilliance: 3 innovative solutions to real-world problems at the SAS Hackathon

This year six teams from Benelux joined the global competition. These teams took on exciting challenges: from unlocking privacy-sensitive healthcare data with synthetic data to optimizing cheese production and much more! With access to the latest SAS software and SAS mentors, they were building innovative solutions to real-world problems. Two

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Hoe AI modellen oceanen afspeuren om Russische olie te weren uit Europese havens

Sinds de start van de oorlog in Oekraïne heeft de Europese Commissie verschillende sanctiepakketten uitgerold. De economische impact van deze sancties op Rusland is significant en partijen aan Rusland gelieerd en/of op zoek naar commercieel gewin, zoeken voortdurend naar manieren om die sancties te omzeilen. Dit heeft ertoe geleid dat

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How optimization and AI can help automated decision making: Benefits, risks and limitations

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the global economy, decision-making has become increasingly complex. To stay competitive and meet the growing demands of customers, businesses must adopt new technologies and strategies to streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience. This is where AI

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Hiperpersonalización, la experiencia del cliente se lleva a nuevos niveles

Crear mejores experiencias para los consumidores, llevarlas a nuevos niveles y conectar estrechamente con ellos son las principales premisas sobre las que se fundamenta la hiperpersonalización, un término que hoy domina las sesiones de trabajo de las áreas de marketing. Su objetivo principal es combinar datos sobre el comportamiento histórico

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Protecting the planet: 7 ways analytics supports sustainability

Analytics are vital to a safer future. As a renowned sustainability leader, SAS is committed to making a positive impact on our customers, employees, and the planet. Climate change is more important than ever, and the explosion of big data is essential to navigating this crisis. Learn how analytics is

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Navigating what keeps insurance executives awake at night

Insurers, chief financial officers (CFOs) and actuaries will face overwhelming changes and challenges in the year ahead. These include compliance with new regulatory and solvency standards, pricing insurance premiums in line with inflation and other economic factors, addressing climate risk and ESG concerns, and adapting to new technologies. The impact

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Interpretowalność modeli klasy AI/ML na platformie SAS Viya

Platforma SAS® Viya® oferuje wiele algorytmów klasy uczenia maszynowego (machine learning, ML) czy sztucznej inteligencji (artificial intelligence, AI) do trenowania modeli predykcyjnych (klasyfikacyjnych itp.), takich jak lasy losowe (random forest) czy wzmocnienia gradientowe (gradient boosting), jak również modele uczenia głębokiego (deep learning). Choć wielokrotnie potwierdziły one swoją przydatność w praktyce,

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Detección y prevención, el mecanismo para reducir los riesgos en el sector gobierno y la banca

Las organizaciones de todos los sectores iniciaron un año 2023 más conscientes de que el entorno económico, político y social no permanece estático, y que las condiciones bajo las que operan a diario pueden cambiar con relativa frecuencia. Han aprendido a ser resilientes y prestar atención a lo que sucede

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Use-based insurance helps fleet operators obtain better rates

SAS Hackathon team, Data Hack Freaks, created an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based dynamic pricing approach that allows insurance providers to adjust pricing based on the changing nature of the risk behavior of their customers. This solution has three major components: The loss ratio score, telematics score

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From data-driven to AI-driven: Scaling human productivity and decision making

Given the headlines each week, it is clear that global disruption and economic volatility are not slowing down. At the same time, information overload is far exceeding human capacity. Despite these pressures, business goals remain the same: improve revenue, increase margins, operate more efficiently and meet customer expectations. So, how do

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Generative AI: Benefits, risks and a framework for responsible innovation

Generative AI (GenAI) is a category of AI that can create new content, including video, audio, images and text. GenAI has the potential to change the way we approach content creation. It’s gotten much attention lately. Take ChatGPT for example. The AI chatbot has captivated the public’s imagination with clever

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Los datos deberían ser el activo más valioso de la cuenta de resultados de la distribución y empresas de gran consumo

Actualmente los datos de la gran distribución no forman parte de la cuenta de resultados, pero es el activo que deberían monetizar con mayor urgencia. Gracias a este análisis avanzado se puede mejorar el margen de la compañía y aumentar la eficiencia de diferentes procesos. En este artículo vamos a

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Managing stranded asset risks in the energy sector with analytics

As the world moves toward a low-carbon future, the power and utilities industry faces significant financial and reputational risks due to the potential stranding of resources and assets. This transition to carbon-free energy sources could render carbon-intensive assets – such as coal- and gas-fired power plants, coal mines and hydrocarbon

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História do SAS LAB na Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Origem e benefícios do Laboratório Científico criado pelo SAS, na Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. No final do ano passado, o SAS Portugal anunciou a criação de um laboratório científico - designado SAS-FCUL Lab - na FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, com o objetivo

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