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Tom Wriggins 0
COVID opens door to pervasive healthcare fraud

It's easy to get distracted by new developments in the fight against healthcare fraud. New services. New providers. Relaxation of rules. The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly revolutionized the healthcare landscape. For instance, the government made sweeping regulatory changes to accommodate a surge in patients. Healthcare delivery and payment organizations, commercial

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Sandra Hernandez 0
Eventos híbridos, una tendencia que acerca a los clientes en la nueva normalidad

El pasado 22 de agosto, más de 90 líderes empresariales de varios países latinoamericanos se unieron para hacer un recorrido de ciclismo durante casi dos horas. Lo hicieron pedaleando en vivo desde cada una de sus casas, pero conectados a través de Zwift, una de las plataformas de ciclismo virtual

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Josh Morgan 0
Mental health recovery during COVID can be complicated by the workplace

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and Recovery Month, which have the important goals of preventing suicide and promoting the idea that recovery from behavioral health conditions is achievable. Amid an unprecedented year of stressors, 2020’s awareness months around behavioral health conditions have become more relevant to far more people.  In recognition of the challenges and changes in people’s work lives,

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Josh Morgan 0
Mental health and criminal justice connections studied in innovative California program

Getting people with mental health conditions the help they need is a top priority for many Californians, according to a recent California Health Care Foundation report. In 2004, Golden State voters approved the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). Enacted into law in January 2005, MHSA has generated approximately $15 billion

Mark Lambrecht 0
The future of health care and life sciences with SAS Analytics on Azure 

Heather Cartwright, General Manager of Microsoft Health, joined me to contemplate the new horizons in healthcare made possible by SAS and Microsoft’s new strategic partnership.  The four walls of the doctor’s office are disappearing. Following decades of planning for hypotheticals, this year health care organizations were compelled to make good on the promise of digital transformation. Meeting the

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Jean Casini 0
Lutte contre le Coronavirus : quel rôle jouerait l'intelligence artificielle ?

L'Intelligence Artificielle (IA) et l'analytique aident à la détection des premiers symptômes indicateurs d'une possible épidémie. Ce qui contribue largement à limiter la propagation d'un virus.  Il faut pouvoir compter sur des techniques analytiques capables de repérer des événements rares mais significatifs, comme une hausse de l'absentéisme dans une école

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Melanie Carey 0
Are your hospital resources at risk of hitting capacity?

How have healthcare providers and governmental agencies predicted the fast-changing, potentially exponential increase in the need for medical services and equipment through the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic? Mathematical techniques that attempt to model and understand the likely spread of the disease have been instrumental. The SEIR model is

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Carlos Pinheiro 0
Mobility tracing: Helping local authorities in the fight against COVID-19

The current state of policy enforcement during an infectious disease pandemic is mostly reactive. Public health officials track changes in active cases, identify hot-spots and enforce containment policies primarily based on geographic proximity. By combining telecommunications data -- which we turn into mobility information -- with public health data of

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Jihye Yoo 0
[SGF시리즈#2] 인구이동분석, 접촉자 추적.. 팬데믹 극복을 위한 분석 기술

질병 확산을 억제하고 경제적 영향을 최소화하기 위해서는 인구가 어떻게 이동하는지 분석하고, 지역 내 접촉자를 추적하여 적절한 의사결정을 해야 합니다. 이번 SGF 시리즈에서는 인구 이동 분석과 접촉자 추적 등 SAS 분석 기술이 어떻게 팬데믹 극복을 위한 의사결정을 지원하는지에 대한 SAS 짐굿나잇 회장과 스티브 베넷 글로벌 정부기관 프랙티스 부문 이사의 세션을 소개합니다.

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Stijn Rogiers 0
One small step for prostate cancer patients, one giant leap for prostate cancer research

In May, I joined several SAS colleagues, academics, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, and other information and technology specialists for the first-ever IMI PIONEER Hackathon for prostate cancer research. A few weeks later, as I watched the SpaceX launch on TV, it occurred to me that space trips and cancer research have

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Jihye Yoo 0
코로나19 대시보드가 갖춰야 할 7가지 핵심 데이터

인류가 전례 없는 전투를 치르고 있는 가운데, 우리나라는 코로나19 모범 대응 국가로 큰 주목을 받고 있습니다. 여기서 한발 더 나아가 그 어느 국가보다 앞서 포스트 코로나19 를 준비하고 있습니다. 하지만 코로나19는 끊임없이 존재감을 드러내며 정부와 지자체, 공공기관의 의사결정자들을 당혹스럽게 하고 있습니다. 이 위기를 효과적으로 헤쳐나가고 또 다른 위기를 막기 위해서는

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Melanie Carey 0
Speed up your COVID-19 research with text analysis: step-by-step

Adverse outcomes, and the rapid spread of COVID-19, have accelerated research on all aspects of the disease. You may have found it overwhelming, and very time-consuming, to find relevant and specialized insights in all the scientific literature out there. To aid researchers in quickly identifying relevant literature about key topics

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José Mutis O. 0
La analítica y la reimaginación del mundo: lo que veremos en el Virtual SAS Global Forum 2020 #SASGF

El año pasado hablábamos de las descomunales capacidades de cómputo y de cómo las organizaciones y los gobiernos podían transformar todos estos datos en mayor inteligencia de negocios. Este año, el mundo ha cambiado para todos y la analítica avanzada; la toma de decisiones basada en la proyección de escenarios;

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José Mutis O. 0
COVID-19 y la reactivación económica

El aprovechamiento de los datos ha demostrado ser muy importante en estos tiempos en los que cuidar la salud y tomar decisiones inteligentes ha sido la prioridad, pero lo será mucho más, ahora que los países buscan recuperar las dinámicas económicas, comerciales y sociales en el menor tiempo y de

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텍스트 분석으로 시작하는 코로나19 리서치

바이러스는 어떻게 확산될까요? 전염 가능성을 높이는 요인은 무엇일까요? 사람에 따라 증상이 다른 이유는 무엇일까요? 어떤 치료법이 효과 있을까요? 백신 개발은 얼만큼 진행된 걸까요?  매일 새로운 연구 결과가 발표되고 세계 각지에서 연구 프로젝트가 진행되고 있지만, 코로나19와 신종 코로나바이러스에 대해서 우리는 여전히 아는 것보다 모르는 것이 더 많습니다. 그리고 풀어야 할 궁금증은

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Santiago Fainstein 0
Rastreo de contactos,fundamental para detener la pandemia y reactivar la economía

Las organizaciones de salud, los gobiernos y la población en general siguen concentrando sus esfuerzos en reducir la velocidad de propagación del COVID-19. Las medidas de prevención implementadas en todo el mundo, como el confinamiento y el distanciamiento social, han contribuido a ralentizarla. No obstante, continúan reportándose altos índices de

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