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How to monetize connected vehicles with analytics and mobility services

For the last two years, I’ve spent time listening to and brainstorming with automakers, their suppliers and other technology companies about how to monetize connected vehicle data. This involves: Data that’s offloaded from a roving vehicle fleet (cars, trains, semi-trucks, farm tractors, you name it!). Data coming from driving-related mobile apps used

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Impressive technology, surprising connections

Two minutes in, I knew the 2017 SAS Global Forum Technology Connection would not be typical or average. For one thing, it was SAS Chief Technology Officer Oliver Schabenberger's show, and nothing he does is ever typical or average. The first surprise of the morning was his entrance. He zoomed onto the stage on a Segway, using slight

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Embedding event stream analytics

In my last two posts, I introduced some opportunities that arise from integrating event stream processing (ESP) within the nodes of a distributed network. We considered one type of deployment that includes the emergent Internet of Things (IoT) model in which there are numerous end nodes that monitor a set of sensors,

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Reflecting on advancements and emerging trends in energy forecasting

Government regulations, technological advancements and improvements in energy forecasting are complex issues that require deep discussion.  Several pivotal thoughts were shared through a recent webinar dedicated to unraveling these complexities, shedding light on the nuances of the issues and their interconnectedness. Here are a few key takeaways from that discussion.

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Diferencias y similitudes en la gestión de la experiencia de cliente y ciudadano

On May 25, we took advantage of the presence of the SAS management team at a global level in sunny Madrid to get together with our clients and partners , whom we already consider friends, to address such a fashionable topic as advanced analytics from different angles on our SAS

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Predictive applications in IoT

The value of any data lies, of course, in its use to make better decisions that lead to more favorable results – like increased revenue and profit, improved customer satisfaction, and increased safety. The Internet of Things is giving us a lot more data. The challenge is how to manage

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사물인터넷(IoT)은 보험 산업을 어떻게 발전시킬까요? ‘인슈어테크’ 실현을 위해 고려해야 할 5가지 과제

보험 업계는 변화에 느리다는 평을 받는 보수적인 산업이지만 지난 5년간 엄청난 변화와 혁신을 경험하고 있습니다. 보험사들은 고객과 유통 관계에서 혁신을 모색하며 디지털 이니셔티브에 많은 투자를 하고 있는데요. 이와 함께 데이터 분석, 인공지능 등의 정보기술(IT)을 활용해 기존 보험 산업을 혁신하는 인슈어테크(insurtech)가 디지털 기회를 활용할 수 있는 보험 업계의 새로운 분야로 떠오르고

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Could analytics improve electric vehicle adoption?

In August 2017, Britta Gross spoke about General Motors’ perspective on bringing electric vehicles (and their derivatives) to market. Her point of view reaffirmed GM's research on consumer awareness of electric vehicles (only 60 percent) and consumer adoption concerns with this emerging technology. She also revealed the portfolio of cars

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