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Data Management
Leo Sadovy 0
No, data is not the new oil

By now you’ve seen the headlines and the hype proclaiming data as the new oil. The well-meaning intent of these proclamations is to cast data in the role of primary economic driver for the 21st century, just as oil was for the 20th century. As analogies go, it’s not too

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Michael Herrmann 0
Data Preparation: Qualität per Self-service bei Banken

Finanzdienstleister haben aktuell massive Herausforderungen beim Management ihrer Daten: Der Kostendruck zwingt einerseits zu einem hocheffizienten Betrieb („run“). Zugleich wandeln sich andererseits die Prozesse im Business, Stichwort Digitalisierung („change“). Die drückenden Regeln der Aufsicht scheinen sich nicht vereinen zu lassen mit dem Anspruch der Kunden, flexibel, fix und doch datensparsam

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David Pope 0
Why SAS?

I've worked at SAS for over 27 years and have often been asked: What does SAS do? or Why should I choose SAS? It all boils down to one question: Why SAS? While there are many approaches to answering this question, I recently came up with three short, yet powerful,

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David Downing 0
How to rebuild citizen trust & unlock the power of AI

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), “service performance, citizen satisfaction and public trust are closely connected. Yet how can governments overcome citizens’ declining levels of trust in the way that their data is collected and used in order to improve service accessibility and quality? It’s not difficult

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