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Pseudo-Anno-dazumal: Daten maskieren für Ihre DSGVO-Fitness (Teil 1)

Sie arbeiten mit Daten. Diese stammen vom Kunden. Vermutlich kann jener später indirekt identifiziert werden mit Ihren Daten. Ab Mai gilt neues Datenschutzrecht: Sie werden nachweisen müssen, welche „Maßnahmen der Technikgestaltung“ konkret getroffen wurden, um das zu verhindern. Knifflig, wobei eigentlich ist ja alles „pseudonymisiert“ oder „anonym“ oder so …

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John Stultz 0
US government, analytics researchers step up fight against improper payments

  Improper payments continue to plague the federal government, though many actions are in motion to help turn the tide. The Trump Administration’s Building a Better America: A Plan for Fiscal Responsibility, released in July 2017, emphasizes reducing improper payments, currently estimated by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to total

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Michael Davis 0
Capital flight facilitators: Tracking terrorist financing

I wish this were a blog about a new super-affordable airline, but instead capital flight is the illegal movement of money from its country of origin, transit or destination. This movement of money through facilitators is creating a hyper-breed of criminal enterprise using the regulations of the world’s financial systems

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Paul Gittins 0
The conundrum of Build versus Buy

Don’t laugh, but increasingly I find myself thinking that I’ve been here before. I often find that the underlying situation and argument are familiar, albeit in a slightly different context, with newer brands or technologies. For example, I was recently asked to assist an overseas team respond to a request

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Mike Wake 0
GDPR: The Consumer Effect

Mike Wake, Head of Data Management at SAS UK & Ireland analyses how the incoming GDPR will empower consumers to take back control. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) puts power into the hands of the consumer. From May 2018, this legislation will allow EU citizens to take control of where their

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Sandra Hernandez 0
Las 10 tendencias para continuar con la transformación digital en el 2018

Es claro que este año que está por finalizar ha traído grandes cambios para todo el mundo en cuanto a transformación digital se trata, se estructuraron cambios en las industrias, la economía e incluso las formas de comunicación con sus clientes. Pero la tecnología no se detiene y cada día que pasa

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Chrysostomos Kridiotis 0
EBA Stress Testing 2018: How the inclusion of IFRS 9 is impacting the need for change to the Stress Testing Framework of Banks

A bank stress test is the analysis conducted under unfavorable economic scenarios designed to determine whether a bank has enough capital to withstand the impact of adverse developments. Especially in the years since the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, it has been actively promoted by authorities and regulators as

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Josefin Rosén 0
What every business manager should know about algorithm audits

Algorithm audit is a growing area as companies increasingly rely on machine learning algorithms to make decisions. But what do business managers need to know about these audits? We have a responsibility to audit our algorithms Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have an increasingly central role in decision making in our

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