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Reece Clifford 0
Unlocking analytics for multi-sport events

The reach of sports analytics is growing by the day. Increasingly, fans expect access to additional information when viewing their favourite sport. The Premier League has started to provide information about distance run, completed passes and penalty placement history. The Australian Football League shows—on live TV—the heart rate of a

Analytics | Data Management
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2019 데이터 사이언티스트로 향하는 길

불과 몇 년 전 까지만 해도 ‘데이터 사이언티스트’라는 단어는 많은 사람들에게 꽤나 생소한 단어였을 것입니다. 하지만 4차 산업혁명이 이미 산업 전반에 깊숙이 자리한 오늘날, 빅데이터 분석이 핵심 역량으로 부상하며 데이터 과학자(data scientist)의 인지도 역시 굉장히 높아졌습니다. 단순히 인지도뿐만이 아닙니다. 세계 최대 취업 정보 사이트 글래스도어(Glassdoor)가 발표한 2019년 ‘미국 최고 직업

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Michael Herrmann 0
DevOps & SAS: Entwicklung und Betrieb aus einer Hand?

K(o)ennen Sie schon „DevOps“? Machen Sie SAS? Dann lohnt sich eventuell ein frischer Blick auf die Kombination! Denn immer mehr Unternehmen probieren, ihren produktiven Betrieb auch in die Hände der Software-Entwickler zu legen (2 von 3 laut Jenkins) – speziell in der Analyse, insbesondere beim agilen Modellieren und dem Veredeln

Data Management
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No, data is not the new oil

By now you’ve seen the headlines and the hype proclaiming data as the new oil. The well-meaning intent of these proclamations is to cast data in the role of primary economic driver for the 21st century, just as oil was for the 20th century. As analogies go, it’s not too

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