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Marcos Garcia 0
Data observability generates benefits well beyond migration management

My recent work has focused heavily on migration, especially onto the SAS Viya platform and cloud more generally. Rather unexpectedly during this process, we have found that data observability is becoming increasingly important to customers. They start simply by looking at tracing files, but soon find that it has a

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Access for success: SAS Certification practice exams now offered for free

Here at SAS, we understand the importance of having access to cutting-edge professional resources. That’s why, for more than 40 years, we’ve provided individuals in programming, data management and analytics fields with low-cost and no-cost materials that promote success in their educational and professional journeys. And today, as the demand

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Data Management
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Economía de datos: una apuesta de los países para impulsar el crecimiento con innovación

¿Qué tienen en común una empresa norteamericana que desarrolla la próxima generación de automóviles sin conductor; una fintech que otorga préstamos en Colombia sin historial crediticio y una farmacéutica global que desarrolla un tratamiento para virus como el Covid-19? Los datos. Considerados como el “nuevo petróleo” o el motor del

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What makes SAS Global Forum great?

The people, the energy, the quality of the content, the demos, the networking opportunities…whew, all of these things combine to make SAS Global Forum great every year. And that is no exception this year. Preparations are in full swing for an unforgettable conference. I hope you’ve seen the notifications that

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