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Digital Learning per una nuova esperienza di apprendimento digitale

La digital transformation spazza come un vento tutti i settori industriali e promette di essere un motore per la competitività, la produttività e l’occupazione. Investire sul miglioramento delle competenze e il rafforzamento dei profili professionali è il punto di partenza per attuare la trasformazione di cui tanto si parla. Partendo

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Data Management
Michael Herrmann 0
Data Management für Analytics – Enge Verzahnung von IT und Data Science ist entscheidend

Welche Rolle Datenqualität und Data Governance beim Data Management für Analytics spielen, habe ich mit meinem Kollegen Gerhard Svolba zuletzt an dieser Stelle diskutiert. Doch was genau macht modernes Datenmanagement aus, und welche Rolle spielen dabei neue Technologien à la Hadoop und Co.? Und wie sieht überhaupt die künftige Zusammenarbeit

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Data Management für Analytics – Governance schafft Vertrauen

Kürzlich habe ich mich mit meinem Kollegen Michael Herrmann darüber unterhalten, wie Big Data die Anforderungen an Datenmanagement und vor allem an die Datenqualität verändert – und wie die IT, der Data Scientist und die Fachabteilung besser zusammenarbeiten können. Heute geht es darum, wie Daten nachvollziehbar und transparent gemacht werden

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Obtener un proyecto exitoso basado en la analítica y gestión de la información

¿Cómo alcanzar el éxito empresarial basándose en la analítica y gestión información? Esta es una pregunta que resulta común en las compañías cuando se está considerando la adquisición de algún servicio de Business Intelligence, y la pregunta puede responderse planteando una nueva interrogante ¿cómo podría usted o su equipo tomar acertadas

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Hartmut Schroth 0
Drivers for the digitalization of insurance

The insurance industry is becoming increasingly focused on the digitalization of its business processes. There are many factors driving digitalization, but it’s clear that a reliable and meaningful database is the basic prerequisite for a successful digitalization strategy. Insurance companies are increasingly prioritizing digitalization, not because this issue is currently

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5 steps to analytic modernization

Some organizations I visit don’t seem to have changed their analytics technology environment much since the early days of IT. I often encounter companies with 70s-era base statistical packages running on mainframes or large servers, data warehouses (originated in the 80s), and lots of reporting applications. These tools usually continue

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What can a garage storage system, kayak and surfboard teach you about data modernization?

Two years ago, I found myself the proud, first-time owner of a garage. My wife and I quickly started to add new items to the garage – a battery-powered lawn mower, two beach cruisers and four Tommy Bahama beach chairs. They were stored with ease. What a fantastic world I'd been missing out on. But it wasn't long before we outstripped our

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How customer intelligence can win hearts and minds

In today’s digital age, products have become increasingly commoditised, requiring organisations to shift their focus towards ensuring the customer experience becomes their biggest differentiator. Previously, the customer experience journey was a string of static, one-dimensional encounters. But now, thanks to big data and the resulting innovations it can provide, customer

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