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Data Management
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Make or Buy - Standarddatenmodell für Versicherungen

Ohne ein effizientes Standarddatenmodell funktioniert heute nichts mehr, auch keine Versicherungen. Die Frage nach dem Make or Buy haben sich also schon viele Versicherungen gestellt, die vor der Einführung einer spartenübergreifenden, konsistenten Datenhaltungsstruktur für unterschiedliche Business Analytics Anwendungen standen und die Einführung eines ‚Business Analytics Data Warehouse‘ (DWH) planten [1].

Data Management
Stuart Rose 0
Big data – game changer for insurers.

A recent survey by Capgemini found that 78% of insurance executive interviewed cited big data analytics as the disruptive force that will have the biggest impact on the insurance industry. That’s the good news. The bad news is that unfortunately traditional data management strategies do not scale to effectively govern

Data Management
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Simplify, secure and speed data access with data virtualization

Data virtualization simplifies increasingly complex data architectures Every few months, another vendor claims one environment will replace all others. We know better. What usually happens is an elongated state of coexistence between traditional technology and the newer, sometimes disruptive one. Eventually, one technology sinks into obsolescence, but it usually takes much longer than we expect. Think of

Data Management
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Agility in external data ingestion

In two previous posts (Part 1 and Part 2), I explored some of the challenges of managing data beyond enterprise boundaries. These posts focused on issues around managing and governing extra-enterprise data. Let’s focus a bit on one specific challenge now – satisfying the need for business users to rapidly ingest new data sources. Sophisticated business

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