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Mary Kathryn Queen 0
Improving matching results in DataFlux Data Management Studio with cluster comparison

Trusted data is key to driving accurate reporting and analysis, and ultimately, making the right decision. SAS Data Quality and SAS Data Management are two offerings that help create a trusted, blended view of your data. Both contain DataFlux Data Management Studio, a key component in profiling, enriching monitoring, governing

Hartmut Schroth 0
Advantages of a standard insurance data model

In my first blog article I explained that many insurance companies have implemented a standard data model as base for their business analytics data warehouse (DWH) solutions. But why should a standard data model be more appropriate than an individual one designed especially for a certain insurance company?

Customer Intelligence | Data Management
Suneel Grover 0
Web analytics vs. digital intelligence - what's the difference?

The business opportunity to intelligently manage customer journeys across their lifecycle with your brand has never been greater, but so is the danger of not meeting their expectations and losing out to savvier competitors. In my opinion, the current state of most digital analytic practices continue to be siloed, tactical, and narrowly fixated on channel-obsessed dashboard

Data Management
Hartmut Schroth 0
Make or Buy - Standarddatenmodell für Versicherungen

Ohne ein effizientes Standarddatenmodell funktioniert heute nichts mehr, auch keine Versicherungen. Die Frage nach dem Make or Buy haben sich also schon viele Versicherungen gestellt, die vor der Einführung einer spartenübergreifenden, konsistenten Datenhaltungsstruktur für unterschiedliche Business Analytics Anwendungen standen und die Einführung eines ‚Business Analytics Data Warehouse‘ (DWH) planten [1].

Data Management
Stuart Rose 0
Big data – game changer for insurers.

A recent survey by Capgemini found that 78% of insurance executive interviewed cited big data analytics as the disruptive force that will have the biggest impact on the insurance industry. That’s the good news. The bad news is that unfortunately traditional data management strategies do not scale to effectively govern

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