Michael Davis
Principal Solutions Architect

Michael Davis is a former Special Agent in the FBI with a focus on national security, terrorism finance investigations and intelligence. Now at SAS, he turns that expertise towards helping government tackle fraud in health care, Medicaid and related areas. In a previous consulting role for the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration, Michael provided consultation on Medicaid, fraud, investigative best practices, as well as helping to manage the implementation of a SAS fraud analytics project. Michael previously held various public policy positions in Florida, focusing on education, healthcare, child advocacy, transportation, public safety, as well as constitutional and civil law. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and a Juris Doctorate from The University of Miami.

Analytics | Data Management | Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Capital flight facilitators: Tracking terrorist financing

I wish this were a blog about a new super-affordable airline, but instead capital flight is the illegal movement of money from its country of origin, transit or destination. This movement of money through facilitators is creating a hyper-breed of criminal enterprise using the regulations of the world’s financial systems