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Long category values

The South East SAS Users Group meeting wound up yesterday.  The 25th anniversary conference was held on SAS Campus and it provided a great opportunity to meet with many enthusiastic SAS users and attend many informative presentations.  More on this in a follow-up article. During one of these presentations, Mary

Data Visualization | Learn SAS | Programming Tips
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Tips and tricks: Segmented discrete axis

The previous post on Multiple Blank Categories showed how to include multiple blank categories on the axis.  But, given the purpose for this was to separate different segments in the data, I also included ideas on how to segmented a discrete axis using reference lines or Block Plot.  A similar idea

Data Visualization | Learn SAS | Programming Tips
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Tips and tricks - Multiple blank categories on axis

Off and on, users have expressed the need to include multiple blank categories on a discrete axis.  Often, this is desirable to separate groups of bars (or categories) in a graph due to some difference their definition.  Such a case was discussed in this blog article on using non breaking

Data Visualization | Learn SAS | Programming Tips
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New Features in SAS 9.40M5 - Gradient fills

ODS Graphics procedures primarily strive towards the following goal:  "Make simple graphs easy and complex graphs possible".   SGPLOT procedure allows you create simple graphs with a single plot statement, and create complex graphs by layering together or combining multiple plot statements.  Generally, the appearance follows the guidelines set by industry

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Getting started with SGPLOT - Part 8 - Horizontal HighLow Plot

On a recent visit to an In-House Users Group meeting at a Pharmaceutical company, I presented a 1/2 day seminar on creating Clinical Graphs using SG Procedures.  Polling the audience for their experience with these procedures indicated that many SAS users are not familiar with these new ways to create graphs. So,

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무료 플레이 게임 ‘월드 오브 탱크(World of Tanks)’ 분석으로 수십억 달러를 창출하다!

매일 전 세계 수백만 플레이어들이 가상의 전투에서 서로의 탱크를 무찌르기 위해 ‘월드 오브 탱크(World of Tanks)’에 접속합니다. 국내에서도 큰 인기를 끌고 있는 월드 오브 탱크는 벨라루스 게임 개발사인 워게이밍(Wargaming)의 온라인 MMO(대규모 다중 사용자) 슈팅 게임인데요. 등록된 온라인 사용자만 무려 1억1,000만명이 넘습니다. 워게이밍은 목표는 모든 레벨의 플레이어에게 멋진 경험을 제공하는 것으로, 부분 유료(free-to-play)

Data Management
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Bei DS-GVO „Auf-Sicht“-Fahren? Besser nicht!

Die EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung kommt näher – ausweichen oder draufhalten? In den letzten Wochen hatte ich die tolle Gelegenheit mit zahlreichen Kunden und Partnern über die neue EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DS-GVO) zu sprechen. Die Meinungen und Erwartungen sind dabei wirklich außerordentlich breit gefächert. Das ist nicht weiter verwunderlich, denn das Thema hat zuletzt stark an

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kt wiz, ‘고객 경험 분석’으로 승리의 마법을 걸다! The Magic of Victory

지난 3월 31일 막을 올린 ‘2017 KBO 프로야구 정규시즌’이 어느새 중반부를 넘어섰습니다. 개막 두 달 만인 5월 30일 최소 경기 수 기준 역대 다섯 번째로 누적 관중 300만명을 넘어서며 식지 않는 인기를 과시하고 있는데요! 이처럼 수많은 관중들의 마음을 얻기 위해 그라운드 위 선수들의 치열한 경기 외에도 야구장 곳곳에서 다양한 시도들이