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Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
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From concept to value — the machine learning curve

Advanced analytics is an important part of artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning, or the ability of computers to learn from data, rather than through programming rules, means that more complex problems can be addressed than would otherwise be possible. It is significantly easier to supply lots of data and examples

Advanced Analytics | Data Visualization
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Visiting all 30 Major League Baseball Stadiums - with Python and SAS® Viya®

Ballpark Chasers A cross-country trip is pretty much an all-American experience, and so is baseball. Traveling around the country to see all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums is not a new idea; there's even a social network between so-called "Ballpark Chasers" where people communicate and share their journeys. Even

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„Realtime Analytics wird für uns immer wichtiger“ – Dr. Volker Stümpflen, Head of Data Strategy and Operations, Mediengruppe RTL

Zur Person: Dr. Volker Stümpflen verantwortet als Leiter Data Strategy & Operations bei der Mediengruppe RTL vor allem den Auf- und Ausbau der Data-Science-Aktivitäten sowie die Realisierung und Monetarisierung speziell analysierter Datenmodelle mit Fokus auf Nutzerverhalten und Nutzerbedürfnisse. Er verfügt über große Erfahrungen mit der Vernetzung großer Datenbanksysteme und Applikationen,

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Long category values

The South East SAS Users Group meeting wound up yesterday.  The 25th anniversary conference was held on SAS Campus and it provided a great opportunity to meet with many enthusiastic SAS users and attend many informative presentations.  More on this in a follow-up article. During one of these presentations, Mary

Data Visualization | Learn SAS | Programming Tips
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Tips and tricks: Segmented discrete axis

The previous post on Multiple Blank Categories showed how to include multiple blank categories on the axis.  But, given the purpose for this was to separate different segments in the data, I also included ideas on how to segmented a discrete axis using reference lines or Block Plot.  A similar idea

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