Warren F. Kuhfeld
Distinguished Research Statistician

Warren F. Kuhfeld is a distinguished research statistician developer in SAS/STAT R&D. He received his PhD in psychometrics from UNC Chapel Hill in 1985 and joined SAS in 1987. He has used SAS since 1979 and has developed SAS procedures since 1984. Warren wrote the SAS/STAT documentation chapters "Using the Output Delivery System," "Statistical Graphics Using ODS," "ODS Graphics Template Modification," and "Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot." He also wrote the free web books Basic ODS Graphics Examples and Advanced ODS Graphics Examples.

Data Visualization
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Annotating multiple panels

In the past few weeks, I have written two blogs on SG annotation and on saving and then modifying the graphs that analytical procedures produce:   Modifying dynamic variables in ODS Graphics   Annotating graphs from analytical PROCs Today, I finish this series with one more blog. This one shows how you