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First things first: Marketing needs data integration in order to benefit from AI

There is a huge amount of buzz and excitement about at the moment, all centering on the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform marketing.  For example, the EIU reports that executives were on board. Three quarters of those surveyed, were reported to be expecting AI to be used in their

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Real-time customer experience: Accessing the whole picture

Real-time customer experience is a vital driver of growth. Acting in real-time, armed with the most up-to-date information about your customer, can hugely improve customer experience. Many of SAS’s customers have generated significant competitive advantage from trying to align closer with the real-life experiences of their customers. But how many

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5 questions about artificial intelligence with Intel's Pat Richards

Artificial intelligence promises to transform society on the scale of the industrial, technical, and digital revolutions before it. Machines that can sense, reason and act will accelerate solutions to large-scale problems in myriad of fields, including science, finance, medicine and education, augmenting human capability and helping us to go further,

Artificial Intelligence

5月23日に開催されたSAS Forum Japan 2017の「SAS Viyaディープダイブ」セッションでは、SASのAIに搭載されている画像処理機能が入門レベルとして紹介されました。 セッション内では、皆様にとってもお馴染みの「浅草雷門」の写真を使った画像マッチングのデモも紹介しました。雷門を正面から撮った写真の中から、「雷門の提灯」の部分を切り出し、これをテンプレート画像として使用し、この「雷門の提灯」が写っている写真だけを画像マッチングによって見つけ出すというデモです。 さあ、ちゃんと「雷門の提灯」が写っている写真だけを見つけ出すことができたのでしょうか? 以下は、Jupyter Notebookを使用し、PythonからSAS の画像処理機能を活用してマッチングを実行した結果です。(コードの一部抜粋) 【ライブラリのインポート】 In [16]: # import libraries import swat import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import os import json import numpy as np 【テンプレート画像「雷門の提灯」のロード】 In [24]: # load an image to cas r = conn.image.loadImages(casout={"caslib":"casuser", 'name':tmp_file_data[0], 'replace':True}, path=tmp_file_path) tmpTable = conn.CASTable(tmp_file_data[0]) 【この画像にマッチングさせます】 【マッチング対象画像のロード】

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5月23日に開催されたSAS Forum Japan 2017の「SAS Viyaディープダイブ」セッションでは、SASのAIに搭載されている教師なし学習の3つの手法(SVDD(Support Vector Data Description), ロバストPCA, Moving Window PCA)を用いた異常検知の概要が紹介されました。 手法ごとの適用分野やSAS Studioを用いて実行した結果の紹介と、異常検知を業務に適用する際に留意すべき事項も交えてご紹介しています。 詳細(スライド内容)に関しては、以下をご覧ください。(SlideShareに公開済み) SAS Viya で異常検知してみよう! from SAS Institute Japan 詳細(講演ビデオ)に関しては、以下をご覧ください。(YouTubeに公開済み) 今なら無償でSAS Viyaを試用することができます。詳細は以下のブログを参照してください。 SAS Viyaを体感してみよう! ~SAS Viya無償試用版利用ガイド~

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Artificial intelligence in telecoms - current state of play

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the subject of considerable discussion across industry sectors around the world. Telecoms companies are showing considerable interest in the potential of AI, whether at the front end—customer service—or to improve service delivery via better network performance and reliability. There are a number of different AI technologies

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Processing images for real-time decisioning

Predictive modelling solutions typically rely on the availability of good quality data and subsequent models which are estimated in advance using historical data. For example, a credit scoring framework to predict propensity of customer default requires the use of clean processed transactional and demographic data. Datasets used for this type

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Are public services ready to exploit artificial intelligence?

Governments are already using data and analytics in a number of ways to help them become better informed and provide superior services for their citizens. For both central and local governments, an increasing number of back end processing and citizen engagement opportunities are emerging for smart use of artificial intelligence

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Image recognition: Cutting edge data science ready for business

Image recognition is a hot and hyped topic in machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technology circles. Computer vision technology is essential for realizing advancements like driverless cars, face recognition, medical outcomes predictions, and a host of other breakthrough innovations. Amidst the hype, organizations large and small are trying to understand the

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12 machine learning articles to catch you up on the latest trend

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to iteratively learn from data and finds hidden insights in data without being explicitly programmed where to look or how to find the answer. Here at SAS, we hear questions every day about machine learning: what it is, how it compares to

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“Augmented knowledge” using machine learning

The digital revolution requires an ever-increasing number of repetitive and targeted decisions. The digital revolution is faster and more comprehensive than the Industrial Revolution at the beginning of the last century. It requires less capital, and focuses on intellectual and digital innovation, which is affordable to many. The innovations produced

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Intelligent ecosystems and the intelligence of things

I've long been fascinated by both science and the natural world around us, inspired by the amazing Sir David Attenborough with his ever-engaging documentaries and boundless enthusiasm for nature, and also by the late, great Carl Sagan and his ground-breaking documentary series, COSMOS. The relationships between the creatures, plants and

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