Lukasz Libuda

Łukasz Libuda works as Principal Business Solutions Manager at SAS Institute in Pre-Sales Risk Practice South EMEA. He is responsible for business development in terms of risk management with special focus on assets and liabilities management (ALM), financial liquidity management, IFRS9, credit and market risk identification (according to Basel2 and Basel3 requirements) and operational point of view from internal and supervisory point of view. Łukasz is also responsible for creating business concept for integrated risk management solution to help companies to manage risk on enterprise holistic level including conducting stress tests and assuring risk management compliance with latest BCBS239 regulations. Łukasz has graduated from Warsaw School of Economics and was awarded two Master Degrees: 1) Finance and Banking, 2) Quantitative Methods and Information Systems. Additionally, he has been awarded with “Master Degree in International Management” by Community of European Management Schools (CEMS).