Sylvie Faucillon

Sylvie is a senior Customer Advisor in Artificial Intelligence and Text Analytics. She leads presales technical and functional support activity to prospective clients and customers and supports sales team to provide functional and technical information. Her experience ranges from NLP, NLU, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Social network analysis and Data Visualization. She has helped many customers to answer specific business needs: conversational agents, voice of customers, e-reputation, social media analytics, root cause analysis, patent analysis, competitive intelligence, fraud detection, complaints analysis. She has been at SAS for over 13 years and in the software industry for over 20 years, working across a variety of sectors including banking, insurance, healthcare & life sciences, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, defense & security intelligence and telecommunications. Before joining SAS, she worked at Business Objects (now an SAP company) in the R&D group. She has an engineering background and holds a European engineering diploma in computer sciences and cognitive sciences.

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Transformation digitale dans l’industrie pharmaceutique : les clés d’une accélération réussie.

Jamais l’industrie pharmaceutique et le secteur de la santé n’ont été l’objet d’autant d’attention de la part des professionnels certes, mais aussi des médias, des non-professionnels, malades ou non malades, internautes. Le monde entier à les yeux rivés sur chaque post, publication, innovation, news, fakes news. De la façon de

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Les Bots : nouvelle vague de la 4ème révolution industrielle

Et si, en dehors de la nouvelle organisation des moyens de production, la 4ème révolution industrielle induisait également une évolution significative dans la gestion de la connaissance intrinsèque à chaque domaine ? Et si les nouvelles technologies numériques permettaient aux acteurs opérationnels d’accéder simplement à cette connaissance, le plus souvent fruit de méthodes

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Could text analytics be the cutting-edge technology the oil and gas industry was waiting for?

  Small causes can have large effects; or how a discovery in the Barnett Shale can spike some interest in the rest of the world and change the face of the industry. This article is co-written by Sylvie Jacquet-Faucillon, Senior Analytics Presales Consultant, SAS France; and David Dozoul, Senior Adviser