Find out how analytics, from data mining to cognitive computing, is changing the way we do business

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Chasing analytic talent

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Zappos and Pandora have changed what consumers expect from a brand – they want brands to “know” what they want before they ask for it. To provide those kinds of personalized products and services, brands have to collect and analyze huge quantities of customer and industry

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Higher education and analytics

It's my favorite time of year! The leaves are changing. Football is back. And it's also time for our annual Analytics conference. One of the best parts about my job is getting to attend the conference each year and host the Inside Analytics video series. Not everyone at the conference gets

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¿Por qué las empresas deberían usar la visualización de datos?

Visual analytics es una solución, que puede impactar los resultados de una compañía independientemente del tamaño. Según Sanjeev Aggarwal, socio de la consultora tecnológica SMB Group, esta solución es el futuro del análisis avanzado de datos para las empresas en crecimiento. Las hojas de cálculo y las herramientas de Business Intelligence tradicionales

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Fighting fraudsters

You might assume that a battle-tested businessman with a gruff exterior and a taste for salty language lacks an inner child, but you’d be wrong. Exhibit A is this little-known fact: I have a soft spot for animated Disney movies. Now, I could try to bluff a bit and say

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Why organizational maturity matters

I wrote “Business Transformation” to guide leaders through a journey to transform their organizations. I included methodologies and examples gathered throughout my 29-year consulting career to assist them. Every executive and leader focuses on how to use resources to produce value. Of course, value can be defined in many terms

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Get your house in order to cash in on retail’s omnichannel promise

Would you build a house without a proper foundation? Most of us wouldn’t dare, but that’s exactly what many retail businesses are doing today. When building a house, if you don’t get the foundation right, paint, wallpaper and fixtures won’t matter much. It’s no different in the retail industry. Success

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Just say no (not only) to OLS

This guest post was written by Zubin Dowlaty. He has 20+ years’ experience in the business intelligence and analytics space. At Mu Sigma, he works closely with Fortune 500 companies counseling them on how to institutionalize data-driven decision-making. Zubin is focusing his efforts managing an agenda of rapidly implementing innovative analytics

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The New Normal is Strange

The first time I used the Internet it blew my mind. As a diplomat brat, at any point in time everyone I knew was everywhere but where I was. Thanks the miracles of Gopher, Veronica, IRC and email, the tyranny of distance didn’t seem so oppressive any more. When I

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