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2 years in: SAS and Microsoft partnership continues making waves

In June 2020, we announced our strategic partnership with Microsoft to help our joint customers address their most critical analytical challenges with SAS® Viya® on Azure. In honor of two years together, we’re highlighting some of our biggest milestones, favorite stories and impressive results. Better Together In June 2020, we announced our

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Installing SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office

Well, setting up a SAS Installation Depot is one thing, but how then do you get users to install the SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office. After attempting to point them to the directory … root folderclient9cdmsofficeintsetup.exe some of my users received error messages such as: COM object with CLSID {C97B3405-B0CA-4B1A-9B90-C334554D81BC}

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Operar desde la nube: más poder y agilidad

¿Por qué es hoy el mejor momento para migrar a la nube? Porque su conveniencia, ubicuidad y flexibilidad permiten que una organización siga operando sin interrupción en situaciones normales y extraordinarias, ya sea una crisis económica, política, natural o sanitaria como la actual. Pero también porque la nube ha alcanzado

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How to overcome obstacles in moving to the cloud

As today’s analytics landscape evolves with impressive velocity, organizations are hungry for solutions to eliminate barriers to moving to the cloud. While the arguments for digital transformation are clear, many organizations hesitate to take the final step and migrate their businesses. It’s not hard to find supporting evidence on the

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3 benefits of bringing enterprise-level AI to small and medium-sized businesses

From rising operating costs to wage inflation, business leaders are facing challenges on an unprecedented scale. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, this is driving the need for more in-depth data gathering, understanding and insight generation to inform smarter decision making and identify cost-saving opportunities. Some might remember

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Successful citizen data scientists need to know these three trends

Data visualization is a critical way for anyone to turn endless rows of data into easy-to-understand results through dynamic and understandable visuals. Whether your favorite visualization is a pie chart, a geographic map or relies on natural language, showing the insights that empower you to make more informed decisions is a better way to do data-driven business. Analyst firms say that SAS has market-leading data visualization. This helps users across the globe find insights in their data using new and exciting trends in data visualization.

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Prozesse und Tools für agile Arbeitsweisen 

In den vorangegangenen Artikeln von Stefan Herzog und Julia Maurer wurde bereits dargestellt, wie agile Methoden in einer Vertriebsorganisation erfolgreich angewendet werden können und welche Rollen es gibt. In diesem Beitrag geht es darum, wie die agile Arbeitsweise bestmöglich durch Prozesse und Tools unterstützt werden kann. Auch agiles Arbeiten benötigt ein strukturiertes

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신속한 의사결정을 지원하는 '클라우드 네이티브' 애널리틱스

오늘 6월 17일(미 동부 시간 기준 16일) 온라인으로 개최한 ‘SAS 글로벌 포럼 2020’에서 SAS는 최신 클라우드 기술을 접목해 의사결정 과정을 가속화하는 AI 기반 엔터프라이즈 분석 플랫폼의 최신 버전 ‘SAS 바이야 4(SAS® Viya® 4)’를 공개하고 마이크로소프트와 클라우드 전환 가속화를 위한 전략적 파트너십 체결을 발표했습니다. 클라우드로 전환하는 비즈니스 IT 트렌드에 발 맞추어

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