Diana Maris
Product Manager, SAS

Diana Maris is a Product Manager, working on providing easier access to powerful analytics visualizations for everyone. Previously, she worked as a Business Intelligence consultant at SAS for 9+ years, helping government institutions and organizations across multiple verticals manage and take action on their data through SAS BI applications. She likes to bring curiosity and creativity when collaborating with R&D, Design and Product Management to deliver exciting product features for SAS BI customers. She enjoys talking about human behavior, AI, community, languages, travel, and wellness, among others.

Data Visualization
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Three trends that expand the reach of analytics & BI insights

Data visualization is a critical way for anyone to turn endless rows of data into easy-to-understand results through dynamic and understandable visuals. Whether your favorite visualization is a pie chart, a geographic map, or relies on natural language, showing the insights that empower you to make more informed decisions is a better way to do data-driven business. Analyst firms say that SAS has market-leading data visualization. This helps users across the globe find insights in their data using new and exciting trends in data visualization.