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Relaciones más personales, la vía para optimizar la experiencia de los clientes

Para millones de personas, además de obtener los servicios y productos que prefieren, la experiencia que les puedan ofrecer las marcas es cada vez más relevante y puede marcar la diferencia entre seguir siendo leales a ellas o abandonarlas.   Hoy, las organizaciones están conscientes de esto, por lo que

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Solving 3 emerging challenges for retail and consumer goods supply chains

The landscape of supply chains has changed rapidly due to unforeseen disruptions.  These changes include supply chain bottlenecks, inflation and geopolitical activities across retail and consumer goods industries. Retail supply chains are under immense pressure to keep up with these rapid changes. Innovators have been quick to take advantage of

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Retail: Claves para liderar la experiencia CX en el entorno físico y digital

A pesar de la inminente vuelta a la normalidad, o la paulatina recuperación del turismo global, la inflación vuelve a ocupar todos los titulares e informativos. Mientras se da este aumento de los precios, y la mayoría de las empresas se esfuerzan por reconstruir sus reservas de stock tras la experiencia

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6 advantages of using software as a service for demand planning

Getting demand right – or getting it wrong – can have a significant impact on customer perceptions of your brand, particularly in this age of instant gratification. The need for agile, accurate demand planning has never been greater. Predicting forward-looking demand signals and shifting consumer demand patterns to recommend balanced, profitable commercial

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6 ways retailers can rebalance inventories as consumers shift spending

Consumers are pulling back and shifting their purchases in the wake of inflationary pressures caused by high prices for fuel, freight costs, consumer goods and nonessential products. Demand is shifting faster than many retailers and consumer goods companies anticipated. Inflation continues to rise forcing consumer spending to shift once again

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How to cultivate trust in analytical models and improve forecast adoption

Often the biggest challenge when implementing a successful forecasting process has nothing to do with the analytics. Forecast adoption – incorporating forecasts into decision-making – is just as high a hurdle to overcome as the models themselves. Forecasting is more than analytical models Developing a forecasting process typically begins with

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How CDP technologies offer sales and marketing teams powerful insights

In today's environment, data is exceedingly important but also increasingly harder to get and manage. A reliable customer data platform (CDP) can provide significant value to retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Customer data platforms are used to consolidate and integrate customer and consumer data into a single data source. CDP

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Vehicle Routing Problem - A beer distribution example in Asheville

The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) algorithm aims to find optimal routes for one or multiple vehicles visiting a set of locations and delivering a specific amount of goods demanded by these locations. Problems related to the distribution of goods, normally between warehouses and customers or stores, are generally considered vehicle routing problems. For this article's example, let’s consider a real (and awesome) brewery that needs to deliver beer kegs to different bars and restaurants throughout multiple locations.

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Misnomers regarding outliers and their usefulness in statistical modeling

Outliers provide much-needed insights into the actual relationships that influence the demand for products in the marketplace. They are particularly useful when modeling consumer behavior where abnormalities are common occurrences or unforeseen disruptions that impact consumer demand. But why do demand planners cleanse out outliers, when many are not really

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Análise de redes de relacionamento aplicada à prevenção às fraudes e outros crimes financeiros

“Diga-me com quem andas e te direi quem és” é um provérbio popular vastamente conhecido e um consenso entre várias pessoas. Porém, será que essa máxima é verdadeira em todas as situações? Se assim o for, como poderíamos empregar essa relação nas atividades de prevenção a fraude e outros crimes

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Can demand planning save your supply chain? Find out with this free trial

The past 20 months of disruptions caused by COVID-19 have been a wake-up call for retailers and consumer goods companies. Unpredictable market trends have caused havoc with categories, brands and products making it harder to predict supply requirements. All of these changes have given rise to the need for consumption

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Analítica, nube e inteligencia artificial, tres de las tecnologías en las que más invertirán las empresas en el 2022

La acelerada digitalización de los servicios y el cambio definitivo en el comportamiento de los clientes son algunas de las razones que llevarán a las empresas a aumentar sus inversiones en tecnología en el 2022. Aunque la tecnología no lo es todo en los procesos de transformación digital, sí es

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Creating a personalised retail experience that stands out from the crowd

Nearly everyone in retail knows the value of personalisation. Getting there, however, can be a problem. Here’s how your retail store can be a business that better understands the customer. Personalising the shopping experience is the surest way to the consumer’s pocket. Consumers buy more and buy more often when

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Part 1: Marketing analytics is broken. Could intelligent automation fix it?

"According to Gartner, “over 50% of senior marketing leaders are unimpressed with the results they receive from marketing analytics investments” – yet most companies expect to increase these investments over the next few years. How can we avoid throwing good money after bad?" By Oliver Sheerin, Senior Customer Intelligence Advisor, SAS. When

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A hora e a vez dos cientistas de dados

Uma das profissões mais cobiçadas e bem remuneradas atualmente é a de Cientista de Dados. Grandes empresas de telecomunicações, instituições financeiras e redes de varejo estão formando times com estes profissionais, e o movimento não é restrito às grandes corporações. Empresas médias também estão sedentas em busca de cientista de

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Especialistas de mercado discutem sobre o futuro tecnológico do setor de varejo no Retail Summit 2021

Em painel de encerramento no evento, os executivos Paulo Sérgio Silva, fundador e diretor-executivo da Rock On Advisors; Marcos Hamsi, vice-presidente de TI da Martin-Brower, e Marcos Peron, head de TI da AMPM/Ipiranga, discutiram sobre o futuro do setor varejista frente às novas tecnologias e a transformação digital, com moderação

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