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Passion and Trust: Improving Developer’s Experience for the Rise of the Analytics Economy

To have a strong position in the analytics economy, the applications for high performance analytics need to be accessible and embeddable. Therefore, developer experience is becoming more and more important. Analytics developers have become the new customers for many technology organisations. Their experience influence decisions and shape the way analytics is

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OLAP Cube Developer Access Required in 9.2

For OLAP Cube Developers to gain access to SAS 9.2, two items: 1. Authorizing Access to SAS OLAP Servers from SAS "Users of SAS OLAP Cube Studio need readMetadata and writeMetadata permissions. To read and update the authorizations for SAS OLAP Servers, follow these steps: 1.Open SAS Management Console.

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„Und plötzlich steht das Aktuariat wieder im Mittelpunkt“

Versicherungen arbeiten intensiv daran, ihre Geschäftsmodelle zu erneuern. Ein modernisiertes Aktuariat spielt dabei eine Schlüsselrolle. Warum? Das habe ich meinen Kollegen und ausgebildeten Aktuar Diego Rivas gefragt. Das Versicherungsgeschäft wirkt von außen wie ein langer, ruhiger Fluss. Trügt der Schein? Heute – eindeutig ja. Der Markt ist längst gesättigt, und

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Crio is new -- and we've already added features!

Using Crio—the innovative lesson-building tool—teachers can combine their classroom expertise and creativity with proven technology to bring their ideal lessons to life with student-facing content. Crio puts audio, text, images, and video—along with the interactive content of Curriculum Pathways®—into the hands of educators. As teachers build and share new, engaging lessons,

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DevOps & SAS: Entwicklung und Betrieb aus einer Hand?

K(o)ennen Sie schon „DevOps“? Machen Sie SAS? Dann lohnt sich eventuell ein frischer Blick auf die Kombination! Denn immer mehr Unternehmen probieren, ihren produktiven Betrieb auch in die Hände der Software-Entwickler zu legen (2 von 3 laut Jenkins) – speziell in der Analyse, insbesondere beim agilen Modellieren und dem Veredeln

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Does your choice of coding language matter?

I can still remember the emergence in the 1990s of Java as a universal and largely open-sourced programming language. Some observers believed it would signal the eventual demise of proprietary languages such as C, Fortran and Cobol. Current surveys, however, and there are many, confirm that plenty of people continue

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: A look inside the black box of machine learning [Part 2]

In part one of this blog posting series, we introduced machine learning models as a multifaceted and evolving topic. The complexity that gives extraordinary predictive abilities also makes these models challenging to understand. They generally don’t provide a clear explanation, and brands experimenting with machine learning are questioning whether they

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AI and the fear for your job: How an emotional debate can become a factual and constructive discussion

Will AI dramatically accelerate the division of our society into the “elite” and the “worried rest”? For example, will there be highly effective personalized medicine that only very few can afford? Will AI take over the automatable jobs of the middle class, while the highly qualified elite maintains or even

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