OLAP Cube Developer Access Required in 9.2


For OLAP Cube Developers to gain access to SAS 9.2, two items:

1. Authorizing Access to SAS OLAP Servers from SAS http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/biasag/61237/HTML/default/a003311504.htm

"Users of SAS OLAP Cube Studio need readMetadata and writeMetadata permissions.
To read and update the authorizations for SAS OLAP Servers, follow these steps:

1.Open SAS Management Console.
2.Expand the Server Manager.
3.Right-click the application server, logical server, or server instance and select Properties.
4.In the Properties window, select the Authorization tab."

2. Similar to 9.1.3, Developers require "Log on as Batch" access to Workspace Server
"any other external users that need to access a standard workspace server"


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