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SAS und Hadoop: Ein Traum für Innovationen

Big Data ist wie ein Fass ohne Boden. Fängt man einmal an, sich damit zu beschäftigen, zieht sich ein nicht enden wollender Rattenschwanz hinterher. Im positiven Sinne! Ich möchte das Zusammenspiel mit der Open-Source-Technologie Hadoop beleuchten. Big Data braucht, wie jeder weiß, auch Big Speicherplatz. Das ist die Voraussetzung für

Simon Kirby 0
Helping small businesses through the insurance minefield

Insurance can be a complex business, so filing an insurance claim can be daunting task for many small businesses. When an incident does occur, be it property damage, business interruption, professional indemnity or public liability among the myriad of other potential causes of loss, it is typically a period of

Internet of Things
Michael Thomas 0
Reality++ fueled by IoT

It's an exciting time for reality! We've been technologically enhancing reality for a long time -- eye glasses, telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, photography, moving pictures, live streaming video over the Internet, etc. But whether it's augmented reality, virtual reality or somewhere in between, a new wave of eye wear technology is

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Popular posts from The DO Loop in 2014

I published 118 blog posts in 2014. This article presents my most popular posts from 2014 and late 2013. 2014 will always be a special year for me because it was the year that the SAS University Edition was launched. The University Edition means that SAS/IML is available to all

Analytics | Data Management
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Be proactive. Be a trailblazer with data.

For many industries, big data analytics have opened numerous doors for more employees to be groundbreaking and to challenge the corporate status quo. Prior to big data technologies, risk taking behaviors were primarily reserved for provocative souls who stretched organizational boundaries to disrupt industries, such as airline revenue management. There were winners and losers

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