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SAS resultsHave you ever thought how many problems in your business can be solved through analytics? I bet you stumble on that thought at least once a month but I'm also confident that maybe you see the thing in different terms.

Let me put it like that: have you ever noticed strange patterns in customers that leaves you? Or maybe trends in your market that you don't completely understand? Or maybe spike in demands that are difficult to catch?
Those are some of the issues that companies tackle pretty much every day using the power of Analytics, applying their skills.

Unfortunately not everybody has the time and the resources to dig into the Analytics world. Sure, tools are easy to use, visual and self-service oriented. However, we need somebody that can look into the problem you want to solve, look into the data and tools and bring the value back to your business.

In addition to that, experience in Analytics applied to your business area could make a big difference, reducing the time to bring results back and reducing loops and iterations.

Addressing a problem with Analytics

So if you want to quickly solve a business problem with Analytics, you need:

  • Tools: I mean "software"(and also hardware able to support that software).
  • Skills: problems can tough and maybe you need high-level profile in forecasting and optimization.
  • Resources: that means any kind of resources because you may not have the chance to make a capital investment.

In SAS we understand that, after all, a customer just want the results that bring value back to the business. So, to be able to address all the needs you can see above (and very quickly), we have created a new service, called SAS Results.

Deliver a fast answer to a business problem

Let's say you are a program manager and you notice that customers seems to leave your service (or your product)  at higher rate in the last few months and you don't know exactly what to do to change that trend.

With SAS Results, SAS experts will start having a workshop, in which you explain the problem you are facing. Then they will collect data from your IT system and will start to plan a solution.

In the next phase, SAS will use domain experts, analytics experts and the SAS infrastructure to understand your issue and provide results. After the creation of a prediction model, you'll get the results you want. Coming back to our example, you can find out which are the customers that are going to leave your company in the next month and which are the factors the build up their decision to leave.

That allows you to start actions to retain those customers, knowing exactly the right levers to pull.

For additional information about SAS Results, click here or contact me.


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Gianluca Menconi

Gianluca Menconi is a Principal Techical Architect that is focused on new technologies and new delivery models like BigData & Cloud. He usually answers customers' question about how the SAS platform can be used to solve their business problems and how to use the new technologies to build a more affective architecture. He also helps SAS customers to understand the power and the scalability of in-memory solutions like SAS Visual Analytics and Statistics. You can find him on twitter @gielletm or Linkedin .

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