Gianluca Menconi

Gianluca Menconi is a Principal Techical Architect that is focused on new technologies and new delivery models like BigData & Cloud. He usually answers customers' question about how the SAS platform can be used to solve their business problems and how to use the new technologies to build a more affective architecture. He also helps SAS customers to understand the power and the scalability of in-memory solutions like SAS Visual Analytics and Statistics. You can find him on twitter @gielletm or Linkedin .

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Cloud: istruzioni per l'uso

Oggi stavo facendo un "censimento" dei servizi Cloud che utilizzo (e eventualmente pago) per la mia sfera privata o a supporto del mio digital lifestyle e devo dire che sono ormai parecchi. Parliamo di mail, musica, foto, storage generico, backup che ormai risiedono nella nuvola e che ormai do assolutamente per