The top 10 posts from The DO Loop in 2016


I wrote 105 posts for The DO Loop blog in 2016. My most popular articles were about data analysis, SAS programming tips, and elementary statistics. Without further ado, here are the most popular articles from 2016.

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Data Analysis and Visualization

Ovarlay histograms

Start with a juicy set of data and an interesting question. Mix in some SAS data analysis and a colorful graph that visualizes the data and tells a story. What have you got? A popular blog post! The following posts generated buzz on social media. They also show off the power of SAS analytics and visualization.

General SAS programming techniques


Everyone who uses SAS needs to know tricks and techniques for programming in the DATA step or for working with macros. No wonder these articles were so popular!

Statistical Techniques

Moving average in SAS

If you browse SAS discussion forums, you will see many questions about computing moving statistics, creating dummy variables, and running weighted analyses. I wrote some articles about these topics that resonated with readers in 2016:

Did you miss any of these popular posts? Here's your chance to read (or re-read!) one of these top 10 posts from 2016.

Next week: My picks for articles that did not make this list, but deserve a second look.


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