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3 steps to value realization

Very interesting article on “The challenge of change” in the 3Q 2010 issue of sascom magazine. Renee Nocker, the director who leads the business analytics effort at CPG giant Kimberley-Clark Corp., shares her insights on value realization. Contrary to popular belief, technology is only one element of transformation. Surrounding the

Advanced Analytics
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FAQ: Retail Store Forecasting

Self-anointed as The Aristocrat of forecasting related blogs, The BFD takes its public service role seriously (or at least as seriously as anyone who self-anoints on a regular basis can be taken). Among the services The BFD provides, both publicly (on webcasts or speaking engagements) and privately (by phone, email,

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Hey, I'm still here!

Today's Australian news journal features an article about how Dr. Jim Goodnight swept into Australia for the SAS Forum event, delivered his remarks and pressed a few palms, and then was on his way back home -- according to the article -- on the very same day. That's not exactly

Programming Tips
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Talking in my sleep

I've completed my first day of teaching a two-day course about SAS Enterprise Guide. I'm in Sydney, Australia...but my biological clock is still tuned into Cary, North Carolina time. I woke up at 1 a.m. today and even though I tried to convince my body that it was still time

Customer Intelligence
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Lost in translation

As a marketer I spend all day, every day thinking about expressing how my company's products meet market/customer needs. I work hard on the prose, simplify the diagrams and especially focus on the underlying issues. That said, I have a sneaking suspicion that I could be doing better and here's

Advanced Analytics
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The Contest

Better forecasting can, of course, help address many business problems. We want to believe that more accurate forecasts are always possible. “If only,” management bemoans, “if only we had bigger computers, more sophisticated software, more skilled forecast analysts – or if the analysts we have just worked harder!” Unfortunately, there

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The Neon Sign is On / Call for Papers Open

Supporting SAS Global Forum is a year-round effort, but for me, the opening of the Call for Papers is basically the start of the upcoming conference. The section chairs have been selected, and they’ve posted what they are looking for in their sections. You’ll need to submit your abstract and

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