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Is it getting crowded in here?

Just last week I posted about Jim Davis joining the blogging fray, and now here comes SAS Exceutive VP Mikael Hagström with his own blog, ominously titled "In the Final Analysis". If this keeps up, my entire SAS Dummy blog will be spent announcing other SAS blogs. Well, you don't

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Welcome to the newbie

Jim Davis, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer at SAS: welcome to the SAS blogosphere. Jim is a great communicator and has a tremendous rapport with SAS customers; I'm sure that his blog will prove that out. I remember first meeting Jim way back shortly after he joined SAS. This

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Lovely is as lovely does

AnnMaria artfully qualifies her use of the word "lovely" as she describes her experience with one of our SAS customer representatives. The whole reason for the encounter: AnnMaria needed to get the correct sort of software order so that she and her colleagues can run SAS 9.2 and SAS Enterprise

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Applied playground math

The mainstream press never misses an opportunity to point out how our children are falling behind in math skills and won't be able to compete in the global marketplace. But I don't believe it, and I'll tell you why. For centuries, children have used counting rhymes to select a person

Customer Intelligence
The Marketing 2.0 Council

My stated intention for this blog was to talk about the things we're doing at SAS to integrate social media into our communications, and share information about what's working and what isn't. It's unforgiveable that I've waited this long to talk about the Marketing 2.0 Council, because it's been our

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SAS-L Award Presentations

If you aren’t familiar with SAS-L, now’s a good time to take a look at it. It’s another information channel where SAS users go to ask and post answers. At SAS Global Forum 2009, SAS-Lers continued its tradition of honoring those who’ve contributed most significantly during the past year. “There

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Happy April Fools!

Thanks for reading this far. I'm sure that you've realized it by now, but the "SAS on the Wii" announcement is my idea of a joke, as warped as that might seem. Happy April Fools' Day! As far as I know, SAS is not currently planning a new release for

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Announcement: SAS on the Wii

Last week at SAS Global Forum, SAS demonstrated its commitment to bring powerful business analytics to customers wherever they choose to work, including on the desktop, on the Web, and on mobile devices such as the iPhone. In that spirit, SAS today announced plans to port its powerful analytics software

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The culture of analytics at Marriott

At last week's SAS Global Forum, I sat down for a few minutes with Stephan Chase, Vice President of Customer Knowledge at Marriott Hotels. Chase's team provides the analytics and predictive modeling to the marketing team within the Marriott Rewards business unit. I asked him to elaborate on an earlier

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