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The Two E's

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the budget problems running rampant across all levels of government. Federal, State and Local Governments are all facing historic budget shortfalls due to the economic crisis and decreased tax receipts. This has led to a much closer examination of services

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Funnel plots: An alternative to ranking

In a previous blog post, I showed how you can use simulation to construct confidence intervals for ranks. This idea (from a paper by E. Marshall and D. Spiegelhalter), enables you to display a graph that compares the performance of several institutions, where "institutions" can mean schools, companies, airlines, or

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The Power of the Backlist

In today’s changing environment the hype seems to focus on new, updated, latest release, newly developed, cutting edge and so on. With so many new SAS books to choose from, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at our most popular backlist titles (books that were published

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Booth Duty: More than Just Demos

Last week I was a SAS consultant. Oh, not a real consultant, but for two hours in the Support and Demo room I stood under the "Analytics" sign and in front of rollshades about SAS/STAT, SAS/QC, and SAS/IML. Customers can walk up and ask any question they want. And ask

Customer Intelligence
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Taxonomies, Tone and Tweets

By analyzing and organizing taxonomies and tones within social media channels, organizations can better know how to directly market to online customers, says SAS Media Intelligence Director Mark Chaves at SAS Global Forum. Mark said the influence of social media on the consumer-buying process is stronger than ever. More than

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A statistical model of card shuffling

I have recently returned from five days at SAS Global Forum in Las Vegas. On the way there, I finally had time to read a classic statistical paper: Bayer and Diaconis (1992) describes how many shuffles are needed to randomize a deck of cards. Their famous result that it takes

Analytics | Data Management
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Companies are finding the most profitable growth opportunities

In this panel discussion, a diverse group of companies from different industries are finding profitable growth opportunities through analytics. We’re joined by: Jim Foreman, Director of Circulation Analytic, Staples Halina Karachuk, VP Innovation, AXA Equitable Life Barb Buettin, Director, CRM – Enterprise Information Management, Chico’s Nelle Schantz, Sr. Marketing Director,

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The sound of the Dow...in SAS

At the beginning of 2011, I heard about the Dow Piano, which was created by CNNMoney.com. The Dow Piano visualizes the performance of the Dow Jones industrial average in 2010 with a line plot, but also adds an auditory component. As Bård Edlund, Art Director at CNNMoney.com, said, The daily

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Letter from SAS Global Forum 2012 Chair-Elect

A big thank you to EVERYONE for your contribution to the success of SAS Global Forum 2011. You all came together – presenters, volunteers, mentors, first-timers, repeat attendees and SAS – to help make this year’s conference a “don't miss” event! Special thanks go out to Debbie Buck, this year’s

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