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Letter from the Chair

Contributed by Debbie Buck, SAS Global Forum Conference Chair SAS users from around the world are in Las Vegas this week for SAS Global Forum. Attendees are continuing to register, but the official count as of last night was 3,335 of whom 25% are here from outside the US. Why

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Watch for the red vests

~Contributed by Stacy Hobson, Director of Customer Retention, SAS~ While you are at the SAS Support and Demo Area, watch for the red vests. You are going to want to meet the SAS Customer Loyalty team wearing them, as they will have a wealth of resources available to you. The

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How to sample from independent normal distributions

In my article on computing confidence intervals for rankings, I had to generate p random vectors that each contained N random numbers. Each vector was generated from normal distribution with different parameters. This post compares two different ways to generate p vectors that are sampled from independent normal distributions. Sampling

SAS Events
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SAS programmers: meet Twitter

"Twitter, thou art nought but data." So sayeth the SAS programmer. Many data analysts now recognize Twitter for what it is: a tremendous source of data covering almost any topic, from Justin Bieber's hair to political uprisings to technical conferences to company brands. SAS offers sophisticated solutions to harness this

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News from Gold Sponsor Red Hat

SAS Global Forum appreciates the support of its sponsors. I asked a Red Hat representative some questions so that we could get to know this valued Gold sponsor better. 1. What initiatives or goals are you trying to achieve by partnering with SAS? To help SAS and its customers exploit

Customer Intelligence
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Lurkers…so hot right now!

Lurkers have earned a bad rep. They are the lepers in the social media community… outsiders who don’t participate…they lurk in the shadows quietly consuming content but, never contributing, never sharing. They are the plague in the social media world. Who needs that, right? Well…everyone…actually. In a recent discussion at

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News from Premier Sponsor Teradata

SAS Global Forum appreciates the support of its sponsors. I asked a Teradata representative some questions so that we could get to know this valued Premier sponsor better. 1. Can you provide some background information on the Teradata Corporation? Teradata is the world’s largest company focused solely on raising intelligence

Advanced Analytics
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Ranking with confidence: Part 1

I recently posted an article about representing uncertainty in rankings on the blog of the ASA Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts (SSPA). The posting discusses the importance of including confidence intervals or other indicators of uncertainty when you display rankings. Today's article complements the SSPA post by showing how

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