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SASonality = Sy Truong

I've never met Sy Truong face-to-face. (That will be one of the top items on my SAS Global Forum 2011 to-dos.) I’ve talked with him on Twitter and enjoyed his blog so much that I listed it in an edition of the SAS Tech Report. I’ve even talked with him

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This is your Science Fair, on SAS

Last week I talked about how I volunteered to serve as a judge for a middle-school science fair. As I expected, I enjoyed the experience quite a bit, and I hope the students got something positive from me as well. I evaluated several really impressive projects at the 7th grade

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Start Building Your Personal Agenda Now

There are over 400 hundred presentations to choose from at SAS Global Forum 2011. With all of these options, it pays to plan ahead. Why not start building your agenda now? The Personal Agenda Builder tool allows you to plan your conference schedule with point and click ease. It has

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Analytics = SAS

Okay…I don’t usually do the rah-rah SAS stuff, but it was a really great week here and I wanted to share. The Analytic Cheerleader is getting out her pom-poms and cheering for SAS! Since I’ve been a SAS employee for exactly 3 months, I thought it was a good time

Advanced Analytics
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How to create a grid of values?

In a previous post, I described ways to create SAS/IML vectors that contain uniformly spaced values. The methods did not involve writing any loops. This post describes how to perform a similar operation: creating evenly spaced values on a two-dimensional grid. The DATA step solution is simple, but an efficient

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SAS tops the list, again

I'm not even at work yet, but I've already learned that SAS has been ranked as the #1 workplace on the Fortune 100 list for 2011. SAS was also number 1 last year in 2010, and has been high on the list since its inception. I'm sure there will be

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Arrive Early, Get Training

How many times have you taken a vacation and wished you had a little more time to check out the city? Have you ever extended your stay at a conference to enjoy a "mini-vacation" and peruse the local venues? Well, why not plan ahead and stimulate your mind as well?

Programming Tips
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Who am I to judge?

Tomorrow I'll be taking a few hours away from work to build something important: the self-esteems of a handful of middle-school-aged children. I'm volunteering as a judge in a middle-school science fair. And even though I'm not a scientist ("computer science" isn't a category), I understand enough about physical science

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Ron Fehd has SASonality in Spades

The SASonality series is about connecting you with SAS users that you may not have taken time to really get to know. Today, I’m going to introduce you to someone that you’ve seen at the SAS regional users group conferences. As you’ll see after reading his interview, he’s created a

Sustainable banking - the economic dimension

The banking sector, as one of the cornerstone industries, has a significant role to play in our planet's future sustainability. Customers are saying that it's the right thing to do, suppliers are coming on board and staff members are engaged. Shareholders have also recently added their voices, understanding that the

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Top 2 commandments of analytics

Interesting article in this quarters sascom magazine by Jeff Ma – the guy behind “bringing down the house” and the movie “21”. After explaining how he felt the power of analytics and statistics was not unlike believing in God, he shared 2 stories where that faith was put to the

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