Sharad Saxena
Principal Analytical Training Consultant, SAS India R&D

Dr. Sharad Saxena is a Principal Analytical Training Consultant based at SAS R&D center in Pune, India. He has been working with statistics and analytics since 2000. Sharad has been consulting for education in the area of advanced analytics and machine learning across the globe for a variety of SAS customers including banking, insurance, retail, government, health, agriculture, telecommunications etc. Sharad earned a Bachelor's degree in mathematics with statistics and economics minors, a Master's degree in statistics and a Ph. D. in statistics from the School of Studies in Statistics, Vikram University, India.

Learn SAS | Machine Learning
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New SAS Training Course: Statistics You Need to Know for Machine Learning

Developing an accurate understanding of statistics will help you build robust machine learning models that are optimized for a given business problem. SAS launched a new course that provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of statistics that you'll need to start your data science journey. This course is also a prerequisite to many courses in the SAS data science curriculum.

Customer Intelligence
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Assessing classifier performance based on a profit matrix in SAS Viya

The ultimate objective of a churn model is preventing churn by making a retention offer. To determine reasonable values for profit and loss information, consider the outcomes and the actions that you would take given knowledge of these outcomes. For example, the marketing department of a telecommunications company wants to offer a discount to people who are no longer on a fixed-term contract. To prevent churn, the company is willing to make an offer in exchange for a one-year contract extension.