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Here at SAS Press, we offer a strong, stable publishing team with over 55 years of combined experience. But as a potential author (or even current one) or fan of our press, you might want to get a better feel for the people behind the book. Thus a new feature, “Meet the SAS Press Editor." Up first, acquisitions editor Stacey Hamilton!

Stacey has been at SAS Press for three years. She edits all of the books in the Wiley and SAS Business Series, as well as titiles on topics ranging from data quality to predictive modeling. As an editor, Stacey has gone the extra mile. Recently she studied to become SAS certified, and she even took the certification exam. Read about her PROC CERTIFY journey here .

But this doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Stacey. So we polled Stacey's SAS Press colleagues to see how well they know her. And the results may surprise you!

Stacey’s main area of secret expertise is

    a) editing, writing, and manipulating Word documents

    b) all things related to health, fitness, and exercise

    c) getting it done

    d) sports

If I ever have a question about ______________, I go to Stacey.

    a) what happened on an episode of “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”

    b) an iPhone app

    c) movies

    d) lycanthropes

Stacey’s favorite TV show is ________ because________________.

    a) The Killing … she just can’t figure out whodunit

    b) Mad Men … John Hamm

    c) The Wire…it’s dark and well-written

    d) Curb Your Enthusiasm…Larry David’s sarcasm

Stacey’s SAS Press superlative is

    a) most likely to challenge the status quo

    b) funniest

    c) life of the party

    d) most likely to become a lawyer or EMT as a second career

Stacey’s authors enjoy working with her because

    a) she goes above and beyond the call of duty

    b) she’s not afraid to crack the whip when needed

    c) she’s funny and knowledgeable

    d) she’s supportive and decisive

Stacey will be representing SAS Press at NESUG (September 11-14, Portland, ME) this year. If you get a chance to meet her, you should definitely ask her about

    a) running a half-marathon

    b) running a major race every month this year

    c) her half-marathon-every-month racing schedule

    d) Silvio

If Stacey isn’t in her office, it’s most likely because she’s

    a) at the gym

    b) at the gym

    c) at the gym

    d) at the gym

If Stacey was stranded on a desert island, the three things she’d have with her would be

    a) a cat, a cat, and the other 3 cats

    b) her husband, her iPad, and her iPhone (maybe not in that order)

    c) her iPad only—she says that’s all she needs

    d) her iPad and tater tots

So, what you need to know about Stacey is: iPad, working out, dark underbelly dramas, tater tots…iPad again…and most importantly, she’ll work hard to make your book a success, doing so with humor, decisiveness, and just a bit of whip cracking if needed.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this series, when we find out why editor John West loves WUSS.


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