Making OLAP Drill Through to Detail Data Available as Dataset in EG Project


In order to make the OLAP drill through data available as data tables in the Enterprise Guide, all you need to do is change the option to automatically insert the results as a data set in the project. This is extremely useful if part of your workflow includes navigating through an OLAP source to obtain a specific subset to then complete additional analysis or reporting.

  1. Open the Options Box by selecting Tools -> Options
  2. Move to the OLAP Data Menu
  3. Select Other View Options
  4. Move to the Data Drill Through Menu
  5. Check the box for the Option Insert detailed data as an object in project

Another important thing to note is that by default the Maximum number of rows to include detailed data is set for only 100 rows. You will most likely need to increase this value (on the same screen seen above), otherwise the result dataset will have only the first 100 rows.
(Thanks to co-worker Roland Ramirez for pointing these options out!)


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