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10+ trends contributing to the big data craze

What does “big data” really mean? If you ask Zubin Dowlaty, he will tell you it’s a metaphor for disruption. “I have never experienced anything like what we are experiencing in the industry right now,” he says. Dowlaty is VP and Head of Innovation & Development at Mu-Sigma Inc. In the past he has

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What SAS users are reading this fall: early book buzz

Forget the New York Times bestseller list. We’ve created our own lists for book-bound SAS and JMP users. Besides featuring the top 5 bestselling SAS books at September conferences (WUSS, JMP Discovery, and MWSUG), we’ve provided greater insight by including comments from some observant Publications representatives. WUSS 2012 Carpenter's Guide to

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Surfing the disturbance

The future of business is the martial arts CEO, the jujitsu strategist.  Far too many organizations approach business with an American football mentality, complete with scripted plays, huddles and time outs, but the real world isn’t quite so convenient and accommodating.  The real business world is 7x24 with no time outs

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Best practice #5: Optimize reporting processes

We are half way through my blog series counting to 10 best practices for information management, reporting and analytics. To recap, we have learned the importance of: Securing executive sponsorship. Identifying and involving stakeholders early and assessing their unique needs. Identifying and integrating data sources. Managing user expectations proactively. This

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Six benefits that big data can bring to retailers

In the last week, I have interviewed four retail executives about their predictions for big data and high-performance analytics in the retail industry. I hope to publish their thoughts here in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, here are six concrete benefits that big data can bring to retailers, if

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Forecasting fashion apparel (Part 2)

Have you noticed the annoying stock art they put on The BFD blog header? All I can think of is "If those idiots only used SAS Forecast Server, they wouldn't have to draw graphs all over their window panes just to do forecasting." It must really p.o. the housekeeping staff at that

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Too many pies can be hard to digest

On his SAS and R blog, Ken K. recently posted an example of a visualization technique called "small multiples". In this exercise, Ken shows the programming technique for replicating a particular series of pie charts in R as well as in SAS. It's a useful exercise to learn from, but

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WUSS up San Francisco??

The Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS) have the best acronym ever, and they're putting on an amazing conference in San Francisco this week.  The conference kicked off today with conference chairs Kathryn Valdes and Ginger Carey’s announcement that the Pacific Northwest Users Group is merging with WUSS next year, adding

Advanced Analytics
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The New (BF) Deal

We had a tornado in April, an earthquake on Tuesday, a drought all summer, and a hurricane arrives on Saturday. All I can figure is that Cary, NC has way too many sinners per capita. What's next -- pestilence? The BFD Makeover The BFD (and all SAS blogs) will now be

Customer Intelligence
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Taxonomies, Tone and Tweets

By analyzing and organizing taxonomies and tones within social media channels, organizations can better know how to directly market to online customers, says SAS Media Intelligence Director Mark Chaves at SAS Global Forum. Mark said the influence of social media on the consumer-buying process is stronger than ever. More than

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