Simon Kirby
Sr Business Solutions Manager

Simon has over twenty years’ experience working in the insurance and banking sectors. As Senior Pre-Sales Consultant and Solvency II specialist, Simon’s role is to understand both the complexities of the Directive and the challenges being faced by insurers. He enjoys demonstrating to clients how they could manage risk more effectively and helping them get the most out of Solvency II, not only in terms of compliance but also long term business benefit.

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Helping small businesses through the insurance minefield

Insurance can be a complex business, so filing an insurance claim can be daunting task for many small businesses. When an incident does occur, be it property damage, business interruption, professional indemnity or public liability among the myriad of other potential causes of loss, it is typically a period of

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The secret to successful underwriting

It is clear from many of the comments arising from this year’s Insurance Times Broker Service Survey that brokers value underwriters who are open-minded and willing to adapt wordings and terms where possible to accommodate clients’ individual needs. They also value a close dialogue and partnership with underwriters who are