Business Solutions Manager

Annelies believes that there is potential for Analytics everywhere. She works as an evangelist, enabler and execution strategist to empower individuals and organizations with good Analytics practices. Annelies is the Advanced Analytics technology lead at SAS Australia and New Zealand responsible for product management and enablement. During her career, Annelies has held various positions supporting the customer lifecycle from strategy and requirements to implementation and adoption. This experience gives her a practical view of the end-to-end process of data analysis across government and industry, including engagements in several customer analytics, demand forecasting, text analysis and allocations optimization projects. Annelies is the current co-chair of the NSW Chapter of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, the largest analytics community in Australia. She has a research Masters in Mathematical Statistics and guest lectures at several tertiary institutes in Australia.

Advanced Analytics
Treat Yourself with Text

Did you check your email and/or favourite social media site before leaving for work this morning? Did you do it before getting out of bed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I do it every morning as a little treat while I “wake up” and whether I realize it or not,

Data Visualization
The Art of Eight in Analytics

Analytics is not just about algorithms and numbers. Every analytics practitioner will tell you that there is an “art” to it – when to combine variables to extend data in the data warehouse, what options to set in the algorithm to get the best balance of accuracy and interpretability, how