Big data preparation, big data quality and big data governance, oh my!


This isn't Kansas anymore. Oz has become a sprawling, smart metropolis filled with sensor data. How do we make sense of, clean, govern and glean value from this big data so we can get Dorothy home? The answer is SAS Data Management. With the latest portfolio updates, customers will be able to navigate past the flying monkeys, make the right turns on the yellow brick road and collaborate with the technology-focused tin man of IT like never before.

The enhancements center around three main areas: big data; metadata and data quality. Basically, it’s now much easier for users to access, integrate, cleanse and govern big data and metadata across the enterprise.

Big data integration, access and governance

SAS Data Quality and SAS Data Governance solutions now provide drivers for access to Hadoop (via Apache Hive) and Impala. What this means is that you can pull data from Hadoop like any other SQL database and you can take advantage of the query performance improvement that Cloudera Impala brings to Hadoop distributions.

Enterprise metadata management and governance policy enforcement

The patented SAS Lineage provides relationship visualization of data that spans data management and analytics. It gives users the ability to link business terms like “profit” to technical metadata, such as the tables, fields, data jobs, reports or analytical models that track profit throughout the organization.

Complementing that component is the patented SAS Business Data Network, which acts as a business glossary to store business terms, defines how to treat data as a corporate asset and who can access it. SAS Business Data Network is now linked to existing SAS solutions and features improved, more granular, security to limit access to terms from certain users or groups. What’s more, term templates and workflows help users define and enforce governance policies for business term changes, enabling smoother collaboration between business and IT.

Data quality and customization

The SAS Quality Knowledge Base for Product Data is now available as a standalone product, allowing customers increased ability to manage product data. This includes extraction, parsing and standardization for brands, colors, dimensions, units of measurement and sizes. The QKB is the secret sauce embedded in all of the SAS Data Management solutions and provides users with improved “cross-field” matching and customization capabilities to create new data quality rules or edit existing ones. SAS Data Quality customers can manage both product and customer data quality from within the same solution.

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@bigdatamagnet - Matthew is a TEDx speaker, musician, and Catan player. He is currently the Global Product Marketing Manager for SAS Data Management focusing on Big Data, Master Data Management, Data Quality, Data Integration and Data Governance. Previously, Matthew was an Information Management Solutions Architect at SAS, worked as a Certified Data Management Consulting IT Professional at IBM, and is a recovering software engineer and entrepreneur. Mr. Magne received his BS, cum laude, in Computer Engineering at Boston University, has done graduate work in Object Oriented Development and completed his MBA at UNCW.

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