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Aus der Praxis: 5 Erkenntnisse zum Thema Data Mining und Machine Learning

Beim diesjährigen SAS Forum Deutschland in Bonn boten Sascha Schubert und ich einige Hands-on-Sessions zu Data Science und Analytics an. Nichts Neues, denken Sie wahrscheinlich. Aber mir sind einige Veränderungen zu vorherigen Events aufgefallen, die meiner Ansicht nach auf einen größeren Umbruch in der analytischen Landschaft verweisen. Hier also meine

Analytics | SAS Events
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4 resources to help convince your boss to send you to SAS Analytics Experience

Wondering what makes this conference special?  Over the years I’ve heard from many attendees that it’s the best way to get the most out of their analytics investments. Analytics Experience is a learning-focused conference featuring networking opportunities, training, certification exams and analytics presentations for all skill levels. #AnalyticsX will give you

Analytics | SAS Events
La complejidad es una fuente de soluciones

Una sucursal bancaria y un campo de fútbol. Un contragolpe y una compra de cartera. Los nuevos banqueros y las estrellas nacientes del balompié. Parecen palabras apenas puestas juntas, elementos de dos mundos muy diferentes, comparaciones imposibles. Sin embargo, durante la 4ª Convención Latinoamericana de Analítica organizada por SAS en

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Lexi Hawks 0
SAS Studio: A new way to program in SAS

SAS Studio is the latest way you can access SAS. This newer interface allows users to reach SAS through a web browser, offering a number of unique ways that SAS can be optimized. At SAS Global Forum 2018, Lora Delwiche and Susan J Slaughter gave the presentation, “SAS Studio: A New Way to Program in SAS.” This post reviews the paper, offering you insights of how to enhance your SAS Studio programming performance.

Data for Good | SAS Events | Students & Educators
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Students showcase power of open data to help government

Open data is critical to research, particularly at universities. The many university students that attend SAS Global Forum bring an energy and vitality to the conference that is unmistakable. They’re everywhere…in sessions, social activities, out on the town and, of course, the academic events. This year, 150 of them graced

Analytics | SAS Events
Kristine Vick 0
How will IoT and AI drive transformation in health care and life sciences?

As health care evolves, its entire ecosystem – from payers and providers to pharmaceutical companies and government agencies – seeks to find common ground. More data is available than ever. But transforming information into innovation is challenging. Organizations strive to create shared goals, internally and externally, trying to improve patient

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