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5 wows for Women's Day

The 10th Annual SAS Championship Women's Day event offered new inspiration to act with mindful intention and stay the course in life and career. An undeniable energy filled the Prestonwood Country Club ballroom on Tuesday, Oct. 10 as more than 230 attendees – mostly women – spilled into the room

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Transforming manufacturing: The power of smart technologies

Steam engines sparked the first Industrial Revolution, electricity energized the second, and early automation and the assembly line powered the third. Now, the fourth (often called smart manufacturing) is being shaped by artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, the internet and real-time data. Smart technologies are transforming manufacturing. It starts on the

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Welcoming SAS Explore to Las Vegas

This year, Las Vegas played host to SAS Explore, an incredible gathering of developers, data scientists, engineers, programmers and more. In true Las Vegas fashion, the opening session brought all the glitz, immersing attendees in everything SAS offers. With a particular focus on SAS enthusiasts and users, day one featured exciting

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Diferenças e semelhanças na gestão da experiência do cliente e do cidadão

No passado dia 25 de maio, aproveitámos a presença da equipa de gestão a nível global do SAS na cosmopolita Madrid para nos reunirmos com os nossos clientes e parceiros, que já consideramos amigos, para abordar um tema tão em voga como a analítica avançada sob diferentes ângulos no nosso

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Cinco pontos chave para combater a fraude, retirados do SAS Innovate Madrid

A expectativa era grande em torno da comemoração do SAS Innovate Madrid, que aconteceu no passado dia 25 de maio. Ouvimos muitas conversas sobre o que as pessoas esperavam do evento, incluindo o desejo de uma vez mais encontrarem-se cara a cara com clientes, parceiros e colegas da área para falar

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Diferencias y similitudes en la gestión de la experiencia de cliente y ciudadano

On May 25, we took advantage of the presence of the SAS management team at a global level in sunny Madrid to get together with our clients and partners , whom we already consider friends, to address such a fashionable topic as advanced analytics from different angles on our SAS

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SAS Hackathon biedt innovatieve oplossingen voor bestaande zakelijke en maatschappelijke problemen

Dit jaar deden zes teams uit de Benelux mee aan de wereldwijde SAS Hackathon competitie. Deze teams gingen spannende uitdagingen aan: van het voorspellen van verslechtering en sterfte van kankerpatiënten met synthetische data tot het optimaliseren van de kaasproductie en nog veel meer! Met hulp van de nieuwste SAS-software en

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SAS Taiwan Data Science Seminar in Tamkang University

SAS, the world-renowned leader in analytics software and solutions, recently visited Tamkang University to share the groundbreaking applications of data science in finance and biomedical industries with the students. Consultant Shu-Wei shared his knowledge and experience in digital banking, Customer Relationship Management, and various SAS solutions for Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud

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